Friday, February 20, 2009

New stuff

Well, I am behind again with everything, but that seems to be the story of my life lately (grins) The other day I forgot to call my sister for her birthday, what is going to be next? Will I forget to pick the kids up from school? Geez oh man, it is bad anymore.

Anywho, I have a few more pages to share, I know, I know you couldn't wait to see them (smile), I probably bore everybody to tears with all these pages. Here is the one I did for PaperbagStudios

yOU-AND-ME I just loved that picture of the two of us and her new kit Hearts and Love was perfect for it (I thought). Plus it's on sale and very inexpensive.

Vinnie came out with her new kit. It's called He's Royalty and it's just plain adorable. It can be fantasy or just regular, there is a lot of stuff in it. Here is my version, a little of a push for me, but I thought I'd give it a try. He looked so cute with that cap on his head. He doesn't like his hair sticking up, so he flattens it at night with the cap. Boys! Check out her site, she has cool challenges going on, one has to do with a mini album and the prizes are totally awesome. Really!

Sleep-my-Prince The rest is all Designer Digitals, I am still creating for the CT challenge, even if it's just for fun. At least I am getting a lot of pages done.

A-new-Perspective dolphins Life-is-sweet Miss-You Xel-Ha Xel-Ha was really an amazing place to visit. My middle DD and I went on this daytrip to go snorkeling and inner tubing. It was gorgeous. The weather was perfect. I saw a barracuda right in front of me which really freaked her out. She refused to do any snorkeling after that. I walked around and took pictures. Some people had paid a fortune to swim with the dolphins which was amazing to watch. The dolphins swam under a person and pushed them across the water, totally cool. Then they jumped over the row of participants in unison. Well, that's where that picture came from. While I was there DD was lounging in the hammock. That was such a beautiful place, very peaceful and shaded. The palmtree was the view from where I joined her. She took this picture with the tree in the foreground, isn't it gorgeous? I have some more pictures coming.....

I just checked out Debbie Hodge's site again and noticed that she will have a class with Katrina from Designer Digitals in the spring. This one is going to be on photography and I am telling you, she is good. Her pictures are just plain awesome!!!! Check out the link I put up, that is just one of her pics, scroll through her gallery, it's amazing! I will definitely take that class, after Pattie's! (And no, I am not getting any kickbacks :))

Oh yes, don't forget! Tomorrow is chat day at Designer Digitals. It's all day and a freebie every hour with different hosts. They really are always great. Sometimes a little fast and chatty, but good (plus the freebies!)

Man, it's freezing here! I turned my heat down, but it is really cold. DH is complaining that my Hot Flashes are keeping me hot while the rest of the family is freezing, how rude!!!! He may have a point, but only to a degree, they don't last long enough to keep me warm during the day (grin).

Well, life is calling. I have a couple of runs to make and then the kids are coming out of school already. The whole morning is gone.....


Joanie said...

Anke, Lovely pages. I particularly like the one of you and your son and then the one of your mom. Beautiful.

Jeanne said...

Anke, I love all your pages! I looked at the kit for the first layout and did she come up with something so gorgeous from that?! My brain just doesn't work that way! YOU are very talented! All your layouts are amazing.

How are you liking the Pattie Knox class at Debbie Hodge? I thought about it, but wasn't sure...

Thanks for sharing! Hope your mini power surges (aka hot flashes) subside soon. I get them too!

Dawn said...

Anke...your pages are so lovely...i love your style and creativity!!

Carol said...

Your pages are just stunning. The dolphin one is gorgeous and the photo in of the river is eyecatching.

Anonymous said...

anke you are so unbelievable i love all the pages and give sabanon a round house kick to the tush next time he gives you any lip!! God Bless Jo

Chris said...

Just popping in to say hello Anke! You have some beautiful pages - I don't see how you can get so many done since you spend so much time saying nice things to all of us in the gallery with your lovely comments - Hey, we notice who the big comment DD'ers are!
Great blog!
chris from dd

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