Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's been a while

I hope you all missed me :) I am afraid it's been almost 2 weeks or even more, but on the other hand at least you didn't have to come here and leave comments every day LOL. I will really try to do better. After so many days have passed, it almost becomes overwhelming to start posting, because I have so many LOs to put on here and I forget which I posted already. What a dilemma to have, isn't it? Life has just been going on, school projects, doctor appointments, glasses, sports, you know what I mean. It's busy! Maybe if I try a little every day it's easier....I might just try that, I hope you'll put up with seeing a post every day. Let me just do the pages and get that done with

2009-DD-photograph A-moment-in-Time---Josie coming-or-going even-big-boys Josie joy Mass-mexican-style Mexican-Real-Estate Perilous-mantainance Play smile 2009-Vinnie-LeapMexican-Beauty

The next ones I did for PaperbagStudios. She just came out with a new kit called Spring in my Step, it's quite cute. There is another one coming out in a couple of days, those pages later.


I made a few pages for Vinnie but I can't post those yet either. She has a bunch of kits coming out the beginning of April and man they are cute! I made the Energy LO above with her stuff. It was an inspiration piece she had posted and that is what I came up with. I am getting caught up with my Project 365, just a couple of weeks to go. I just can't scrap all of them in a row, I need to do other stuff in between. It's all because of the vacation, that kind of threw me for a loop.

Yesterday was funny. DD was having a chat at 11AM but I had to take Gabi to a Diversity seminar in Altoona, which is about 1 hour away. I took my laptop and went to Panera's because my GF told me they had Internet access. So I sat there, had my lunch and participated in the chat challenge and made the Josie page (on top, 3rd LO). It had to be done in 30 minutes and there were certain requirements. I love those challenges, it's pressure but fun. People at DD were teasing me about sitting in the restaurant scrapping but I really didn't want to miss it. I have reached a new low! Or maybe I should say a new level of addiction.

The class with Pattie is over but she is coming out with a new one in a couple of weeks. I am pretty sure I will take it. Although some of the things I already knew, there were always steps that were different, so I did learn quite a bit!

All right, this is it for tonight, I'll have to save some for tomorrow :)


Carol said...

What wonderful layouts. I am thinking I should send you my photos and get you to do the pages lol. I really have the craving to do some pages atm, but I don't have the time. Maybe I should start with one every second night.
And in a restaurant lol.

Jeanne said...

Oh.My.Goodness! Look at all these fabulous layouts. Even if you haven't posted (and I missed you) you certainly haven't missed an opportunity to scrap...that's wonderful...even scrapping at a restaurant! That's what I call dedication. *Ü*

Truly wonderful work, Anke...thanks for sharing!

Tammy said...

You are a scrapbooking QUEEN! Awesome work!!

Terry said...

Man--you are cranking them out like a factory! All of them are wonderful. I hear ya on the busy stuff---just can't find enough time for scrapping.

jeanne said...

WOWSERS!!! Great stuff. I ADORE the energy layout. Totally cool.

p.s. isn't addiction great!!!!

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