Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I got some more pages done. It has been a week since my last post, I can't even believe it! Our days are just so busy, every day there seems to be something going on.

Saturday we took the kids to the Carnegie Science Museum in Pittsburgh. It was okay, but not nearly as interesting as I had thought. The submarine outside was quite cool, we were able to walk through it. I have no idea how these poor guys can stand it in there, those bunks are so tiny, you couldn't even lift your head off the pillow.

The miniature train set was great, I really enjoyed that. The details were something else, there is a replica of the incline, all very cute. Then there was a robot exhibition for the weekend, this little guy was adorable. He held conversations with the people and made sad faces. Rachel got a ride on the big guy.

They had a Titanic exhibit going on which we had to pay for (quite enough). There were some nice artifacts found at the bottom of the ocean, interesting yes, but quite overpriced in my humble opinion. The thing the kids enjoyed the most was the earthquake simulator. I really enjoyed the Imax movie (it's called something different, but it's the same thing) That is really incredible. We watched a movie called the Alps, about a mountain climber in the Swiss Alps. The story wasn't earthshaking, but the images certainly were, especially since they were all around and below us. It really felt like we were right there, very cool! Well, at least we got out of town and did something. Here are some more pictures

Sunday we had our Church festival, I worked in the food line. It was really hot and we had a lot of people, so I hope we did okay. As soon as I came home it started to rain, so the second shift got rained out.

Here is one more page I did. It's the challenge for this week over at the Spraground.

These are all pictures of flowers from my yard. I took them all at different times during the season. I always wanted to find a way to put them all together and this template (by SimplySarah) worked great for that. The paper is by K. Pertiet (Botanist #13) I had fun with this.


Terry said...

Been wondering where you were! Sounds like the family had a great time. Love your LO's--fantastic as usual. Love the brush work.

Joanie said...

Anke... I love your last lo of the flowers. It is absolutely stunning! You gave me a great idea to use my photos from my hike in that template. You asked about my layout on the blog. You will need to change your layout template to minima stretch. Go to customize,layout, pick a new template and choose minima stretch. It is the only one that gives you that extra width. (I just notices that they also offer a minima stretch lefty so you might check that one out.) If you have any more questions you can contact me. thanks for visiting my blog!!

Carol said...

The museum sounds very interesting. Love the page with the template. I am currently in the middle of doing that challenge.

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