Saturday, June 28, 2008

LOs for the week

Okay, so I just noticed that you can't enlarge any of the pictures I posted and I have no idea why! I saved them the same way I always did, so what's up here. I will try the left align here and see what happens. I don't see how that could have anything to do with it, but who knows. I forgot to mention that the LO I created last week (the one using Timounette's template) was used as the Saturday Scraplift challenge inspiration at DD. I was so thrilled, I was walking on clouds all day Saturday. There were a lot of lifts in the gallery last week, so that really made me happy. Let's see what else I did this week. Okay, this page is about or piano teacher. This was one of the challenges at Debbie Hodge's, it was about journaling and very fun. You can find the credits here.

Another journaling assignment. Here is Michael posing for "natural" pictures. We all know how that goes! It gave me a chance to play with my camera too. Credits

And one more about journaling. We had to tell a compelling story with a beginning, a middle and a conclusion. I had a really tough time with this one, but I think it came out okay. Credits here. This was the last assignment for the class, it is now over. I will miss it! I loved going over there in the morning to look at all the new pictures and to read the comments. I love comments and they are hard to come by, LOL.
I am taking another class at Jessica's. It's the ACDSee class, which is supposed to help us organize our supplies. Eventually I hope to get into doing some of that. I have a lot of stuff already categorized but it is so much work! It will take me years! What a daunting project, but I must admit, it is so much easier to scrap this way, at least I can see everything I have and find it! I love clicking on the previews and have all my kits appear. It is the greatest!
Okay, this is it for today, good night and maybe tomorrow night I will have some more to say!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anke, Hope we can still chat! I'll keep up with your blog so make sure and mention me in it...just teasing!!!

Anonymous said...

oops, forgot to leave my name...that was me, Dawn fromthat last post!!

Carol said...

Wow, you have been very busy lately. Your layouts are fantastic.

Heather said...

Glad to visit the International House! It was only a matter of time before DD and the rest of the digital scrapbooking world discovers how talented you are!

Terry said...

Great work Anke! You sure have been a busy bee!

jeanne said...

How cool that they selected your layout for the scraplift!!! But how could they not. Great work. And when I click on the photos, they enlarge beautifully. Hooray!

p.s. love your blog.

Dawn said...

OHHHHHHHHHH you are soooooo Good!!

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