Saturday, June 28, 2008

Recipe and some pages

Oh my, I can't believe over a week has gone by and I haven't posted a single line. This is not acceptable! I have been so busy doing Debbie Hodge's class, doing some of the challenges over at DD and keeping up with Jessica's site. Then real life had the audacity of getting in the way on top of it. I managed to get into the photography class at Jessica's last Monday, boy that was funny. 200 slots were available and sold out within 10 minutes. I am so glad I managed to get in. Maybe I will finally learn how to use my camera!

Thursday was Phil's 60th birthday, I can't even believe it and neither can he. He is not happy about this at all. We didn't have a great big celebration, just some presents and a little cake. Of course he doesn't know that we are having a surprise party for him tomorrow! The kids and I went shopping for some decorations, the friends are going to be here at 2 PM and I will have to get him out of the house somehow. We have to go to Church at 10.30 AM, then he will have to go read EKGs at the hospital, which will take maybe an hour. I will have to enlist the girls to drag him somewhere, maybe to hit some golfballs.
I made this really cool coleslaw, which is incredibly easy and so delicious:
2 packages ramen noodles (I use chicken flavor)
1 lb. coleslaw
1 bunch green onion tops (which I didn't have)
1 c roasted almonds (slivered) (I had pumpkin seeds)
1 c toasted sunflower seeds
1/2 c sugar
3/4 c oil
1/2 c vinegar
seasoning packs from the ramen noodles

Crush the noodles and create layers with them and the coleslaw, the onion tops and the different seeds. Pour dressing over top, do not mix, cover and refrigerate overnight. I just mix it before serving and it is wonderful!
Here is what it looks like before you mix it all up

Here is a lunch I made for the kids the other day. It's not something I would make too frequently, but they get such a kick out of it. It's just mac and cheese (yuck) and hot dogs that I cut slits in at the bottom. Once placed in hot water, they open up like legs, really fun. I didn't have any food coloring, the mac and cheese could be blue. What we don't do for the kids!

Isn't it cute? And so healthy (not!)

Anyway, that much for food. Here are some pages I made during the last week. DD has a neat challenge that involves templates by Katie Pertiet, they are double pagers and we make 2 pages per week on a certain subject, so we will complete a whole book within 10 weeks. The pages are to be uploaded to shutterfly to have books made. I'll see about that, don't know yet whether I will do that, it is quite expensive. But the templates are really fun and I am doing the pictures from Cancun of 2007.

Boy, I miss that place, we didn't get to go this year, because I was waiting for my citizenship and assumed it would happen during our normal vacation time, but nothing happened. Definitely next winter, the kids can't wait!

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