Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yesterday I did this really cool tutorial by Cassie Jones (DD). She had a chat on Monday (I think) and I missed the first half. Now if you have ever tried to follow a Cassie chat and work on it at the same time, you know that it's really hard. At least I got to snatch up the freebie and then finally did it last night. It was really easy to follow and understand (I can say that now, when I first started with digi last winter, I didn't understand half of the instructions, I just did them) Here is the LO I did with it!

view credits here

At the Spraground our weekly challenge was to use a template by Timounette. I always liked her stuff, hadn't been to her blog in a while though, so I spent a lot of time downloading LTs and kits. It seems that I do a lot of that lately anyway, there are so many talented people out there who are willing to simply share what they create. Anyway, I got that one done, posted it at DD and got a comment from Tinounette, thanking me for using her LT. I thought that was so cute. She must have recognized it right away. Here is the page

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That's pretty much everything from around here. Jana from the Spraground sent me Jessica's Computer Tricks #1, because I have been unable to find it. She refused to let me pay for it, saying it was a gift. That was so sweet of her, I can't believe she did that. It just arrived today and I took a fast look at some stuff. I am itching to try some of it, I always like to learn new things and she is so good. I don't know where people get all their great ideas! I look at some pages and can't believe how wonderful they are. Oh well, we just keep trying!

I have another tutorial from Cassie that comes from a chat. That one I actually participated in, got about 3/4 way through and then got lost. Well, I have the pdf all printed and I really want to play with that some tonight yet. It's on creating custom clipping mask using brushes and the marquee and eraser tool. It really was fun and the results were great! If I get something done, I will post it later.

Of course, today is DD's weekly sale, so I still have to head over there and see what they have. I feel like a kid at Christmas! We'll see how far we get tonight, the family requires some of my attention too!


tempus fugit said...

Hallo Anke,
enschuldige bitte, dass ich mich jetzt erst bei dir melde - so viel Stress, wenn man 3 Wochen weg ist!
Hab aber als erstes gleich auf deine Seite geschaut: deine Layouts werden immer toller - WOW! Ich hoffe, dass ich bald Zeit habe, mir alles in Ruhe und genau anzusehen.
Gaaaaanz liebe GrĂ¼sse

timounette said...

Your LO with my template is really beautiful.
Can you tell a big "thank you" to all the girls who participate to the Jessica sprague Challenge. I have had a lot of lovely comments, and all the LO I have seen are so great !

Cheri said...

Thanks for tipping me off to Timounette's blog...she's great! Love your layouts:)

Dawn said...

Boy...have you been busy and such talent!!! You amaze and inspire me...yes you do!! All these layouts and with everything else you do in a given!! keep them coming, gf!!

Bessie said...

Wow, Anke, I just love what you do. You talk here about talented women which I don't doubt about it but look at you. I wish to one day get to that point, lol.

Anyway, I love your blog and I'm glad that you decided to join the blogging world.

I've tagged your blog. If you want to find out more about it visit my blog, the instructions are there. Just a fun game that Amy from AS sent to me and I'm playing along. I hope you play with us too.

Here's my blog:

Bessie said...
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Carol said...

Anke your layouts are stunning!

Was just going to thankyou for leading me towards Debbie Hodge. I have signed up for the everyday life class (late) but am happy to work through them at my own pace.

jeanne said...

Wow! I just clicked the link to your DD layouts. Amazing work. I bow to you. Fantastic!!!

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