Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Water Art

P.Knox: AbsolutelyAcrylicTabs (incl. staple and eyelet) Paper and sticker: LDD, Kristen Rice, appr. chall. fonts: Monotype Corsiva, Freestyle Script, JustAsFastAsYouCan

How about some nice water pictures. It has gotten so chilly here, there is no way you could get me into the pool now. It doesn't seem possible, that the temperature could change so rapidly! The other day it was so hot, we couldn't stand it and of course I had to put airconditioners in the windows. I should have known better! Every time I do that, it begins to rain and look, it's freezing again, LOL. Well, hopefully it will warm up again. Yesterday I dropped my EHD and now I can't access it at all. All my ACDSee tag gone! Thank goodness I double back-up everything and use Mozy too, so I can get all my precious supplies back. All my organization is gone though. I have to find out how to prevent that in the future. Well, I enrolled in the ACDSee class at Jessica's anyway, so I might as well start over fresh and do it right! Okay, here is the LO, hope you like it! I was playing with shutter speed settings on my camera and they were spitting water around, so this is what we came up with.

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Carol said...

I love your water photos. Definitely too cold here now for swimming.

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