Thursday, May 1, 2008

More pics

Okay, here are the other two pictures, I just stuck them into frames (dirty frames by K. Pertiet, DD, background color by R. Farrer, 2Peas) I really like the effect of the frames, they act as an overlay too. Great stuff out there! I am really going to try and stick to the picture a day, that should be great fun. At least the sun came out today, that just makes everybody feel better.

My DDs are participating in a Musical at school and my oldest came home all upset, because she and the other girls in her group felt treated unfairly. Boy, it sure gets harder as they get older, all those hurt feelings. The play is tomorrow and supposedly her group isn't singing loud enough. There is only so much young kids can do, she is so upset, she doesn't even want to go back, and she said the other girls feel the same way. Great! This is going to be a fun performance. After all, that's what it is supposed to be, fun! Not tears and heartbreak. They aren't even in Highschool yet, for crying out loud. Maybe I am just a little overprotective here, but it really bothers me to see her so upset. Well, enough of that, I just wanted to add the pictures after all


Anonymous said...

Anke, your photos are beautiful! You are so talented!
Kathi :-)

Ann said...

Love your header. Good job.

Ljonezy said...

Anke - love your photos. Hope you have fun with your blog. I'll be adding you to my list of blogs to visit!

Anonymous said...

Anke, I just LOVE your banner!!! And the pictures on it are so precious! And the overlays--well they are an awesome effect! You are doing such wonderful work!!!
Oh and as far as your daughter is concerned it is in my experience part of having girls(I have 4) I found that you have to find a balance with them because there were times that I got sooo upset for them when they were upset and the next thing you know they are fine and I was still carrying the upset. Yet there were times where I did step in. You'll get the hang of it it just takes a while! And they'll love you for it. You'll be fine. lynn c

SusanD said...

I love your header and your blog name!! Your photos are amazing.

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