Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Playing catch-up

as always! 6 days already again, where does the time go? We are so busy lately, the kids are staying late for play practice every day and Gabrielle wants me to take her to Karate every single day, because of the upcoming tournament. Yikes! All I want to do is stay at my computer and scrap! It is not to be I guess.
Today I have a semi free morning, I just have to run to the store. That gave me a chance to go through my list of blogs I follow, I feel like such a heal, I visit so infrequently. Not enough time in a day...
I received an email from Shruti at Kodak. They are doing some kind of scrapbooking contest in conjunction with the release of the new movie Babies and their launch of a new website. She asked me to do a baby page to be used at that time. I thought that was kind of cool. I will let you know more about it when the time comes. I got it done and sent in yesterday. Since it was babies, I had to scan in some of Gabrielle's old photos. Man, my pics were bad then....thank goodness for Photoshop is all I can say, it made it a little better. Here is another page I finished this morning. Do you remember this Jo?

We were at a party at somebody's house, I don't even remember, was she little!
The other day I was practicing some backlit shots and I got this one, which I just had to scrap

I am still trying to finish my artjournal lessons, I am way behind. Here was lesson three, that was really a tough one (technically). It didn't work out the way it was supposed to, but I finally got it done

artjournaling doesn't come easy to me,  takes some getting used to :) (and it's a lot of work)

I finished another week for my Project 365. Since it fell on the end of the month, I broke it up, so I could start April with a new page.

So they are both week 13, kind of goofy, but they are going to be separated with the monthly calendar page anyway. I need to do two more weeks to be caught up....
Gabrielle found out that with her grades she is in the junior achievement group at school, she was so happy and I was so proud of her!!!
The school garage sale is over! That was a lot of work, but since it's for the 8th grade class trip, it was worth it. We had to go Thursday and sort everything (so much junk) and then go back Saturday from 11 - 3 and help out. When we got there, a lot of the stuff was sold already, I couldn't believe it. We were told that people were lined up at 6.30 in the morning for the 7 am opening and they sold $500 worth in the first two hours. I am hoping they made a lot of money. 
This weekend is the play, both Saturday and Sunday, so the whole weekend is planned out already. 
I just saw in the paper yesterday that our local camera club is going to have a photo contest, so I really want to send in some photos. I will also join the club, it shouldn't be too involved, they only meet once a month and then maybe I can ask the pros there some questions when I need to. They are organizing a pboto walk this Saturday morning, I so hope I will be able to go for a couple of hours at least. Sounds like fun, I have never participated in one. I have to see how I can work it out around the play, I don't know what time the kids have to be there and the play starts at 2 PM.
Yeah, my life is so exciting!
Well, I better run to the store and get something to eat for lunch too. Half the day is gone already.


Barb said...

You're a busy lady, Anke. But enjoy it. It ends far too quickly. But...I have to admit, the free time is fun, too!

How can you be behind? There is no deadline on your 365! You can pull it together at the end of the year or next year1!! Relax. Enjoy doing it, whenever you do get to it. It is no fun to scrap if it is under pressure!!

Your LO's are beautiful as always.

Anonymous said...

hey there i think that pool was at brian kopps moms house not sure though she is so cute can not believe how big she is now wowow hope all is well hope to see you sunday for the play God BLess jo

Jana Holden said...

I always enjoy your wonderful creativity Anke! I was tempted to sign up for Pattie's class but didn't. Maybe I still will after seeing your awesome papers & colors here. Your flower photos are awesome too! Beautiful LOs!

Jeanne said...

I hope you don't put too much pressure on yourself to blog, Anke. That takes all the fun out of doing it. Post when you can and like Barb says, enjoy the journey and the process.

You know I love all your layouts! I can't believe how little your girl was (and adorable!). Time flies, as they say. The layout about the beauty close to home is gorgeous (check the spelling on abundance). Giggled at Michael's organizing efforts. I could go on and on. You are so talented! Thanks for sharing.

Re: the shower hubby's our only bathroom with a tub/shower. Yeah, I was crazy to think I could do it and I know that now. LOL

Never say Never!

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