Thursday, April 22, 2010


One more day until the kids' play, I cant wait. This practice stuff is really wild, they have to stay until 6 PM, so they are putting in 10 hour days! They got their costumes today, it will be cute. Nothing elaborate, but fun. Phil had to run them up to Dunhams to get shorts to wear under their long tops (which weren't long enough).
Today I spent the day scrapping. I had nowhere to go other than picking up the kids, so I wasted it making pages :) How fun it was. Wanna see?

My little baby, how cute she was. The photos I have from back then are just horrible. To save it I made it into a sticker after extracting it. That was a fun project

Remember the cobweb from the other day?

This is the latest craze in the schools , these rubberbands that everybody wears, even the teachers. It is really funny. I wish I had come up with the idea for them. Spend a few cents to create and make a fortune!

There are worse things the kids could be getting into, so I am not complaining. Made for a fun page too! I like to keep track of the things they like through the years.
Okay, time for prayers...


latz said...

I am loving your trip down memory lane--you can really appreciated how much the kids have grown and changed. Haven't seen those bands around here yet...

Jeanne said...

So sweet to look back and see how much your kids have grown. Love the layout.

That spiderweb is awesome! Great showcase for it. I really like how you added the sparkles.

That rubberband stuff hasn't hit the elementary school around here, LOL, but don't know about middle or high school. What a fun fad! Great idea to document it. *Ü*

With all the hours the kids are putting into this play, it's sure to be a masterpiece. Good luck to all involved!

Barb said...

Finally getting to play day!! It has been a LONG haul, right?? I know it will be fantastic!!

Anke. Scrapping is NOT wasting a day!!! Not only are you doing something for your family, you are helping yourself, too. You are becoming relaxed and having fun, too. So besides memories for the family, you are giving them a relaxed and refreshed mom. How did that sound?? LOL Good reasoning, I hope. I hate guilt!!! LOL LOL

Left you love on DD about your LO's. they are all just great. the ugly green monster still lurks at my house!! LOL

Jana Holden said...

What a great day you had! Enjoy the kids' play......those make such awesome memories! I haven't seen those wacky bands yet but they look fun. I can't believe how many LOs you can get done & the creativity you possess! Amazing!

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