Thursday, April 1, 2010

First icecream

boy oh boy, spring must have arrived. Our local icecream place opened and we had our first taste of the season tonight. It was such a gorgeous day today, warm (short sleeves warm), sunny and just pleasant. Well, if you don't count the mosquitoes that were flying around already. We walked down there and took Max with us. I figure if we eat icecream we should at least earn it, right? It's not that far anyway. It's amazing how much you notice the ugliness of something after you take a picture of it. They seriously need to paint those posts :)
We all enjoyed the icecream anyway

It was getting dark when we headed back home.
I bought some flowers today and noticed some pretty baskets with flowers they had for sale. So I decided to put my own together. What do you think?

I really like Maidenhair Fern

this is TG playing with her favorite little toy. Both she and Sweetie just love this little thing. They drag it around the house and you can hear Sweetie making these pathetic meowing sounds. It's really funny. I haven't quite figured out yet whether she things it's her baby or her prey!

I finished another couple of pages from the visit at Fr. Sylvan's House the other weekend. Yesterday I did this double spread

It looks better when they are next to each other. Then today I did the preciding page, kind of like an intro..

I used a Lightroom preset on the photo, kind of gives it an old-fashioned look.
The other day I did this page

I had just taken that picture in the afternoon, after the rain had ended. You can see that little drop in there and I really liked the colors.
I also got another 365 page done

I really want to try and get the last one done so that I get caught up. I really like this format, I think it's going to look pretty, when they flow into each other.,,,

Monday I have an appointment with the photographer I talked about before. I finally called him up and he was really gracious about the whole thing. I think he has really no idea what I want from him and I don't really know either. I offered to pay him for a little hands on help but he didn't want any payment. I thought that was really sweet. We'll see what happens. He said he wasn't sure how much help he would be but I don't expect miracles, just a little help. I am excited about that.
The rest of the week is going to be busy like I said. We missed Mass tonight but went up to spend a little time in adoration. Just as we walked into Church, our neighbor was coming out and told us she left her keys in the car. We were going to take her home to get her extra keys and then take her back up. After we were done with prayers she realized that she did leave her keys in the car, but she also left the car running!!! For 1 1/2 hours!!!! Good thing nobody drove away with it LOL. She felt pretty silly about it, but stuff happens.
Tomorrow there is a service at 1 PM, I don't want to miss that one and then there is the Vigil on Saturday. Easter is but once a year!
Well, hubby is calling for the movie. Have a great night!


Jeanne said...

That ice-cream sure looks yummy! What a fun tradition. That location you went to sure is gorgeous and your layouts about it are equally beautiful. I didn't see a picture of TG and Sweetie, but it was easy to picture their cuteness.

LOVE the plants on your table! So pretty! Wish I could put out plants right now. Alas, we have to wait until Mother's Day weekend to be sure they'll stay alive! LOL

Your layouts are always gorgeous and this set is no exception.

Thanks so much for sharing Anke!

hezro said...

Hi Anke,

This is hezro from the DD Flickr group. I love your layouts! Thanks for sharing!


Barb said...

I love your blog, Anke. It is just so down homeish!! LOL

Love the ice cream. funny that you said you never really notice something until you take a picture of it. that is how I am with my house. When I take a picture, I go...I never knew that needed this or that. Too funny!

Love the kitty pic! Aren't cats fun?

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