Thursday, April 8, 2010


well, not really, but it sure feels like it's been ages. It's only been a week! No complaining please! I guess with Easter everything went by the wayside this past week. Not that I have been super busy, I don't even know. Well, we had to sing at the Easter Vigil and there were all the services, but we knew that, right? The rest of the week just went by like it always does. The kids have play practice every single day, some days it gets to be really stressful. Today Gabrielle was saying that she is really tired, I think it's too much... Now they are supposed to show up on Saturday to practice. It's ridiculous! I can't wait for this play to be over. Just a few more weeks....
Gabrielle is training to go to the Karate tournament at Master Kim's. She is pretty good and surprisingly good at sparring. She loves it. I don't know where she gets it, I hate sparring. Give me forms any day and I am good! At least I didn't have to teach adult class this week, I got to train, yeah!!!
Tuesday I went to lunch with the Karate girls again, sans two of them. We went to a Japanese place and did the hibachi, it was such fun. Bri had never used chop sticks so we had a ball watching her, but she got good really fast. Then they had to catch broccoli and catch Saki, it was so fun....

We decided we had to do that place again next time :) Maybe then I will get a try too, taking pictures has it's downsides.
Monday I went to meet with Chuck Mamula. He is a local photographer, I think I mentioned him before. He was so nice, he agreed to meet with me and look at my camera and give me some pointers. Well, at least I know that there is nothing wrong with my camera :) :) It's all me!!!! Seriously, it was so great to meet with somebody who knows what he is doing and he spent over an hour with me, just taking a few pictures of me and showing me different things. I wish  I could visit him every day :)

The weather has just been wonderful, sunny and warm as though summer had arrived already. Of course that had to change today. The next few days will be cool and rainy. We had a thunderstorm, haven't had one of those in a while. I got to take a few shots before it started raining

My peachtree in full bloom, I just hope we won't get another frost...

Okay, now to the pages I did

see that cool camera bag? I just love it!!! Now I can really take my camera everywhere I go and not worry about banging it up!! 
The page above that is the one I just did today. It's for the AAM challenge at DD. It took a little longer than normal pages, but I had a lot of fun figuring out how to make those boxes and propping up those letters etc.
The one with Michael on the bike is following a tutorial from my Photoshop magazine. That blur behind him is hand made, wasn't in the picture. A lot of people thought it was the shot that came out like that :) that was fun also. I like trying out new things, too cool
Oh well, hubby is yelling for me to quit and come to watch the movie with him. I guess I have to follow the master's call, right? :) :)
Talk to you soon, have a wonderful evening!


Anonymous said...

hope this works - i love the page with the grass - where did you get it I never heard of it - i mostly loved it because of Michaels sweet face - Annie just finished the school play - I know what you are talking about -crazy - but worth itin the end - I heard McCorts was great!I bet she does it in highschool - Annie loved the pics of the girls in their dance dresses

Jeanne said...

Anke, what an amazing person you are! I just LOVE coming and reading what you have been up to. You certainly don't have to post daily, but when you do, I look forward to a nice newsy catch-up with you, with fabulous pictures and THEN I get to see GORGEOUS layouts. What could be better?!

This post is no exception. Love how you captured the bits of food missing their target! How fun! And I'm so glad to hear you got to meet with the photographer. I hope you learn lots.

Love your layouts, love reading aboutyou and your kids through your layouts, too. The only one I couldn't read the journaling on was the tye-dyed egg. But the layout is wonderful.

I scrolled back and saw that neat picture of the the kittie with the cute!

Thanks, Anke, for making me feel right at home when I come by. You are really good at that!

Barb said...

Cool beans, Anke!! I think you have an exciting life. I always look forward to hearing what you have been up to.

That Japanese food looks like fun!! When we go they don't do all that fun stuff. Imagine we look like old foggies??? LOL

Love all the new sstuff you are trying in your LO's. I think it is so much fun to experiment. It takes time and you don't get as m any LO's done, but I am NOT in a hurry. I just scrap for fun, really, not so much to get things documented. Let's face it...after all these years of pictures in a box, I am a tad behind!!

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