Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Play

is taking over our lives :) Turns out the kids had play practice yesterday on top of every day and today they had to work a spaghetti dinner at the Church to benefit the play. I guess it's not half bad, at least they might get some decent costumes, or so we hope...
We had a few pretty cold nights, it even snowed Friday night, nothing major, just a few flurries, but still... I actually had to turn my pellet stove on again, I was hoping to be done with it so I could clean the porch. Since the exhaust goes to the edge of the porch, we get a lot of soot on the floor and the ceiling. As soon as it's a little warmer  I will have to hose it all off and clean the floor. Of course I do that every spring and then it's time to put out the house plants. My porch always looks like a jungle but I love it!
We have this poor stray cat that always hangs around the house. He always fought with Chubby so we would chase him away. Well, this winter we started giving him some food and the poor guy got to be so friendly with us, we gave him the name Peter. Now he comes and wants to be petted and rubs against our legs. He is blind in one eye, I remember a few years back we saw him lying in a corner of the yard with the eye bleeding and infected and thought for sure he was going to die, but he made it! Well, now he has an injured leg and it looks awful! There are chunks of meat missing from the back and it was bleeding all the time. He limps around on three legs, but still comes and gets his food and sleeps on the furniture out there (yuck) I feel so sorry for the poor bugger, he is nothing but skin and bones and raggedy looking. I started giving him tuna with his dry food thinking that he can't hunt anymore. Rachel keeps telling me to take him to the Vet and I am wondering how the heck I would do that. Plus I am afraid they would just want to put him down. Maybe he'll still make it, after all cats have 9 lives right? We'll see....
I haven't heard from my friend in over a week, woman, give me a call!!!!!
Yesterday I took hubby for a walk around the park, trying to get him out in the sunshine to get some color on his cheeks! It was really nice, still cool, but beautiful. Today it's actually warmer, I am loving this weather!!!

Well, enough babbling, here are a couple of pages I did:

Remember that peach tree in the yard? I couldn't resist but use those photos. 
Anna's potpourri paper  made it easy, I just love this set.
Talking about peach trees, do they have to be sprayed? My fruit is always buggy and ugly looking, there must be something I am not doing.
Friday I went to the kids' Mass, Rachel was cantoring and Gabrielle read the introduction. They did such a nice job. Of course there was the choir, but she still had to sing some things by herself, like the psalm and the acclamation. I was so proud of her, it takes guts to go up there and do that all by yourself. I know that there would only be squeaks coming out of my mouth had I to do it.... they grow up with it and get ready for life!

I couldn't sit any closer, the front rows are always reserved for the kids, so the picture is not the best. My zoom doesn't work that well in low light, the aperature is too small when zoomed. Well, you get the picture anyway!
Here is Chubby outside the other day, rubbing against my leg when I was trying to take pictures of my tree :)

It was one of those fast, turn around shots, I couldn't believe her eyes were actually in focus :)
Okay, guys, I can't believe how much I had to say today!


Barb said...

Our kids seemed to always have something at school. I think the schools that try to promote family are in reality the real culprits in its breakdown!! LOL They pull the family in 20 different directions every night...and like you...even on the weekends.

Love seeing your children in the church service. Like you said, that is how it becomes second nature to them. Start them early.

Love all your LO's left comments on DD!!

Lori said...

Hi Anke! I was reminded of your blog today when I saw you under Debbie Hodge's list of blogs she follows and I thought "I knew you when you were paper and scissors" When you left Apron Strings I found your blog and saw you had gone digital. Wow - your work is truly beautiful and amazing, as it was in paper. It's good to see you doing so well and so prolific in your creativity. Congrats! Lori @ Apron Strings

Jeanne said...

Fabulous post, Anke. I love it when you are chatty. *Ü*

Love your layouts and photos always. They are truly beautiful.

Love that you have such a soft spot for Peter. He sounds like he's had such a rough life. He must really appreciate the care you are taking with him.

Hope you have a good week and that the play doesn't consume too much more of the kids' time!

Terry said...

man! you are one busy lady. Taking care of kids and carting them around is a full time job!

Anonymous said...

Anke, we (George)planted a peach and plum tree this weekend - do remember the Chuff's peach tree - the best peaches I ever had - I don't like cats but that picture is great - did you hear our big news?????Katie

Anonymous said...

yo yo love the cat chubby is so cute!! Tell Rachael i am proud of her cant wait till the play did you get us tickets? anyway looking forward to lunch. talk to you soon.

Sanna F said...

Very beautiful layouts!!!!

Never say Never!

Well, here I am creating my very own blog! I was always very sure I would never get into this blogging "thing", but here I am. I hope you will enjoy finding out a little about my not so interesting life!