Monday, April 26, 2010

The Play is over

We made it :) It was actually very lovely, the kids did such an amazing job, I mean all the kids! They sang, danced and acted like pros. The sound could have been better but it might have something to do with the fact that we had seats in the front row (thanks to "moi"). At least I could use my 28-70mm lens being that close. I can always crop them later. I cleaned up only a couple of photos so far, it still was very dark and we weren't allowed to use flash, so I have to rely on Photoshop :)

This page is done as a lift of Deanie, one of the girls at DD who hasn't been feeling too good, so we decided to cheer her up a little and lift one of her pages :) Look at that make-up, they went super heavy on her face, I don't know why. She wasn't too happy about it.... . Our friends were there too, I thought that was so sweet, they came the whole way from Altoona, which is about an hour away to watch them. So now life is back to normal, no more staying late at school. It was kind of strange picking them up at 2.30 again :)

It's back to raining around here, we had a pretty good storm yesterday and today we had a couple of heavy downpours. Enough already! I want me some sun!
Gabrielle wanted me to take her to Karate tonight, I just didn't feel like going. Poor thing, I know she wants to train as much as she can because of the tournament...we'll go tomorrow.
I have been practicing the piano this week, I really like my new song "Into the WEst" from "The Return of the King" Love, love it!!! It's amazing what a difference it makes when I like a piece of music, I actually feel like sitting and playing :) She will be happy with me tomorrow (yeesh, I feel like the kids)

Let me see what else I did...

I bought this little wire basket at the school garage sale, thinking it might come in handy some day (yes, I know, I am a clutter person). Anyway, TG took one look, walked in, settled down and went to sleep in it. She loves it!!! She is in it all the time, too cute!

This was for Pattie's artjournaling class, creating a picture transfer with filters and blending. I love learning these new techniques :)
There is one more page, but it's for a challenge that wasn't posted yet, so I'll show it to you next time.

I called and ordered 6 tons of pellets today, they were cheaper when purchased during April. Now I have to wait to get them delivered and I made sure I told him after 3 PM when the kids are home, so they can help carry the bags. That is not going to be fun, but it needs to be done. Hopefully that will get us through the winter, at least close to it...

Did I mention that Gabrielle was inducted into the local chapter of the National Junior Honor Society? I was so proud of her, she tries so hard with everything she does. It requires leadership, service, good grades. I really liked reading what they said about her, I believe the teachers really like her. Oh boy, Highschool is next, that is so strange...
Well, that was just a short update, I hope all is well, talk to you soon


Jana Holden said...

It's always wonderful to see our kids in plays,musicals, etc. I can't believe you already have a page done today. You are one fast scrapper! I love the blending LO; so soft & pretty! The kitten in the basket is darling. I didn't sign up for Pattie's class at the time but the more LOs I"m seeing the more I just might have to take it after all.

Jeanne said...

Congratulations on EVERYone surviving the play! Can't wait to see more layouts about it. The first one is terrific!

Love that TG took over the basket. So appropriate and funny.

The last layout is stunning!

Finally, congrats to your daughter for her induction into the honor society! Such a high honor for such a wonderful girl. Wow!

Terry said...

congrats to everyone in the play!! I know you are going to love having your evenings back and getting things back to normal (whatever that is). 6 tons of pellets!! sounds like a ton (no pun intended!!)

Barb said...

Anke, I am so proud of you taking your piano lessons. It certainly does make a difference if you like something or not. I knew a singer once, that would never, ever sing a song they didn't love. Makes sense to me. I am that way with scrapping. Never use something youdon't like, be it paper pic...whatever. It just makes a difference!!

Love the LO's. Left love on DD! What a talent you are!!!

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