Friday, April 29, 2011

Aristocats, take one

We just got back from the first show with Rachel in the main role of Duchess. It was so cute. The kids worked so hard for this, months of play practice after school every single day. It really paid off, the show was so cute! They all did a nice job, little mistakes and accidents here and there, but hey, stuff happens, right? I went to the rehearsal yesterday and got a few halfway decent shots. The light was still pretty awful, but better than during the performance

It's so cute, The young man who plays Rachel's counterpart is actually a friend of Michael, he is in his class, he is a big boy. The mouse was a riot, she has this really squeaky voice, too cute! Below is Rachel's best friend, one of her kittens. Anyway, it was cute and fun and tomorrow they have another performance. I'll be glad when it all is over though, maybe things will normalize a little more again.

I did a photo shoot the other day. Two cute little ones I did for Christmas. I am not quite done editing yet, but I think the pictures are coming out really nice

Aren't they just adorable? I just got this new background, I totally love it!!! The colors go with so many different things.

As for pages, I didn't get a whole lot done. Today I finally updated my 365 pages

I am so keeping these simple. So what if people don't care for them too much, they are keeping a record and they don't take too much time, so I won't lose interest :)

As you can see, I am putting Rachel's photo shoot photos to good use :) I really like how they turned out, fun, fun. Now I need to work on Gabby's photos, I still haven't finished them. This stuff takes a lot of time!

Well, I am beat, it's been a long day!


Barb said...

How sweet, Anke!! The play looked like a real success!!!

Adorable pictures of the play and your photography! You have been one busy lady...and family!!! LOL

Jana Morton said...

The play pictures turned out great...I didn't realize that Rachel was the lead...good for her and the little ones pictures are the background and the props!

Jana Holden said...

Wow Anke! Spectacular photos! Congrats to your Rachel on playing the lead! The bottom photo of the little girl is my fave!

Trish Schuute said...

You do do a wonderful job! The play pictures are nearly as faboulous as the performers! Can't wait to get my senior son to you for his pictures.

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