Wednesday, April 20, 2011

yard sale and more

Every year the 8th graders organize a yard sale in order to finance their final class trip. We all had to help set up the donations that kept coming in and Saturday was the sale. It was crazy busy, thank goodness and the kids did pretty well. Amazing what people will buy! The kids came up with this fun idea for a photo, I loved it!

I whitened out the faces.... aren't they just too funny? They really must have been tired after all that work and packing everything back up at the end.

Sunday we decided on a whim to drive an hour to go to a different mall. They have a large bookstore and nice shops we don't have around here, so it was fun for everybody. We wound up at the Golden Corral for dinner, I always like it there, something for everybody

Today we got the sad news that the youngest daughter of friends' of ours passed away after a 3 week long battle with an infection in her lungs. Nobody was able to find out what really was wrong with her and the infection never went away. The poor thing and the poor family went through so much these past weeks, but I always thought she would make it until a couple of days ago. I just feel so so bad for them.  There were so many of us praying for her, now we have to pray for the family, it's going to be so hard for them, now that the battle is over...

I just finished editing the last photos I took last week. Now we just need some nice weather so that we can do the outdoor photos and be done with the whole thing. I'm supposed to take some spring photos next, it will probably be after Easter at this point. We'll see.

I am all caught up with the 365 pages again, I figured this way I'll have the rest of the week to play and make fun pages :)

the photo below is of this guy we saw in the Mall. There was a whole group of people dressed in funky clothes and he was gracious enough to let me take his picture.

I started running! I have never been a runner, last week I ran for the first time around the park. I actually made it a whole time around. Then a few days ago I ran a mile on the treadmill at the gym and this morning I made it around the park 1 1/2 times. It's still pretty hard, but I know I can do it. I guess every time it will get a little bit easier (I hope)

Well, time to get the kids to bed, it's getting late again....

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Barb said...

So sorry about your friend that lost their daughter. I will be praying for them. So tragic.

Glad to see you are still keeping yourself busy. I don't want you to have too much idle time on your hands!!

Love all the kids in the picture. Aren't they too funny at this age?? Hope they did really good for their last trip.

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