Saturday, April 23, 2011

new cut

my hair, that is! A lot of people on FB asked for a photo, so I decided to post one here too. It's an awful Iphone photo, but you get the picture (so to speak :))

of course it was blustery and rainy all day, so as soon as I stepped out, all the loveliness of her artwork disappeared and I was left with a stringy mess. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. It's a different red, a little darker and more purplish. I hope everybody is satisfied now :)
It's still cold and rainy around here, it doesn't even feel like EAster. Every year my poor magnolia blooms, we get this lousy weather, so that the flowers turn to mush and lie on the ground to rot. It's a real shame.
Well, today is going to be a busy day, with preparing for tomorrow and mass tonight. Gabby and I bought some more candy yesterday, so I can get the baskets ready today. I supposed you all are in the same boat as me. At least no mass this morning...
We stopped at Panera's again yesterday, I had tuna (since it was Friday), it was good!
A couple of pages

The top one was made following a new tutorial by Cassie Jones. Pretty cool, there are some things in there I didn't know, just little shortcuts, that are pretty awesome. The shaping was done with my tablet, freehand. That was something else. I have never been good at drawing and that wasn't much better. It took me several tries LOL. Fun putting the paper on it though, it's not a clipping mask.....
As always, you can find all the supplies at 
The other day Gabrielle asked me to take some pictures of her and Catie while she was here. She said they didn't have any for FB. WE had a good old time, the two of them are good posers LOL. Then Rachel took over since I had to finish dinner and she actually got some great shots of them jumping. I was impressed! (of course I had already dialed in all the settings) She is very artistic, I think she would do great with photography, she has a good eye! Here is one I took and worked on

I put them on a different background....

Here is Rachel's, isn't it cool? There is a little motion blur, but I just love it!

Okay, gotta run and make some breakfast! Have a wonderful Easter if I don't have a chance to post before then!


Barb said...

It certainly does look like Rachel has an eye for photography!! Great pictures from the both of you!!

Love your new do!!! Color looks reat and the cut is right on!! Isn't it infuriating to get your hair done and walk outside and it was for nothing?? Ugh!!

Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter. Alleluia!!

Joanie said...

Cute new hair! Love it.

Jeanne said...

Great hair style, Anke! You're looking pretty darn good, friend! *Ü*

I've been pretty busy on my end and haven't been able to comment on blogs recently. I'm sorry about that.

Just wanted to say HI and keep up the great work!! Happy Easter!

Terry said...

love the cut!!

Never say Never!

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