Tuesday, April 26, 2011

From snow to the middle of summer in one week

that's what it feels like around here. It was so hot and sticky, it felt like July yesterday and today. Gabrielle got burned just going for a walk yesterday and her friend was really red! What a crazy weather pattern. I can't complain of course, I love the warm weather!
I have been running. Day before yesterday I went around the park twice and today I ran 2 miles on the treadmill in under 26 minutes. I was so proud of myself LOL. It does feel good and it only takes about an hour to run, do some weights and shoot some hoops with Gabrielle. It was fun and great exercise. I might just take a liking to running after all these years of saying that I could never do it :)
Easter was nice, a lot of singing and long masses. The weather wasn't too bad, the kids still did an egg hunt. At first I thought Michael wasn't interested anymore, but then he rolled out of bed after all.

The pictures aren't the best, but they do the job :)

I took some pictures of Rachel yesterday. She actually asked me for them and I was more than happy to oblige. The best part is that she is actually happy with the ones I edited so far. That means a lot, she is very critical of pictures of herself

That was really fun!
This afternoon we had a lot of thunderstorms and heavy downpours. It was hot and sticky all day though, we had to kind of expect that to happen. Hey, I take anything, as long as it isn't snow.

I took pictures of Gabrielle and her friend the other day, but I didn't get them done yet (except for the two I showed earlier). They will be posted next time. Oh yeah, pages...

Well, time to go to bed again, the days just fly by...


Jana Morton said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those pictures of Rachel...she is stunning and the pictures are so crisp and alive with color!

Jana Holden said...

Our weather has been just as crazy as yours! Wild April! Rachel's photos are gorgeous! Love her expressions and the lighting! Your layouts are awesome! Love your style so much! Hats off to your running BTW!

Terry said...

beautiful photos of Rachel Anke! Send some of that rain this way. We are so so so dry!

Barb said...

Love those pics of Rachel. She is so beautiful!!!

Congrats on your new passion. My daughter has videos that she uses and they are done so they equal walking and there are various ones for however far you want to run. She has lost 25 pounds using them already and just love them.

I don't think kids ever really want to grow up. I think I would still hunt to eggs if someone hid them. I would probably hunt for them if I hid them. LOL

I felt bad. Our littlest grandson was sick and ended up in ER Easter morning so he never really felt good enough to find eggs. Guess the family had to do it!! LOL

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