Saturday, April 9, 2011

It can't be

9 days since my last post?? Where does the time go, yikes! I couldn't even tell you that a lot of things have been going on, just the same routine every day. We started going to a local fitness hall to walk on the treadmill and do some weights, so that was good. I haven't been to Karate in 2 weeks, not good.
I have been buying some cute spring props for the studio, I can't wait to use them!
I'm supposed to do some senior studio shots this afternoon, she didn't get back to me yet, so we'll see. Planning a movie for later tonight and maybe Altoona for tomorrow. Haven't seen our friends for ages. Everybody is so busy all the time and we live vicariously through the kids :)
I found the coolest site. It's a webcam on an eagle's nest. I have been watching the eggs being hatched and now it's so cute to see the little ones being fed (as long as you can ignore what they are eating) At this point they are cute and fluffy. Here is a link if you want to watch them.
I have been busy in the pages front. I am finally caught up with the 365 pages
I know it's kind of small this way, but I like the effect better when you can see both pages next to each other.
Here is the rest of the pages I did

As always, all supplies are from

I love the photo in the last page, it's one of Rachel's self-portraits. I don't know how she does it just using her phone in front of a window. She blows out all the highlights, but it looks really good on her! I really like the effect with the rest of the page, it kind of goes together, don't you think. I love the page above that too, it brings back so many memories. They were so happy and proud to be holding those birds. That was several years ago in Cancun.
As you can see we had snow again on April 1st. I really really hope to be done with it now, I need sunshine!!!
Well, I need to clean up the studio a bit so that it's ready for my senior!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Barb said...

Time just seems to march on, Anke. Especially with kids!! Not that there was anything earthshaking going on...but that life was going on!!! LOL

Even retired, I don't know where all my time just does.

Love your LO's as usual. I just love soaking up all that you put on your LO's!!!

Jana Morton said...

OK, I'm trying this all of your pages....I think that goes without saying. I just went to the eagle camera and I will certainly be showing that to the kids in the morning. I hope you were able to do your photo shoot.

Jana Holden said...

Beautiful LOs as always! Each one is full of digi goodness! The one of the cat and the bottom one of your daughter are my faves this time around but love 'em all!

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