Thursday, June 3, 2010

One more day... (don't look if you have a queasy stomach)

until school is out! Actually they get off at 10.30 tomorrow, why even bother? Gabrielle already said that this will be the end of the peace and quiet we have enjoyed in the mornings while the other two were at school this past week!
Tomorrow Michael gets his stitches out too (at least we think). I have had to change his bandage every day, it actually doesn't look that bad.

see how they took his nail off, flipped it and put it back on as a splint to protect the stitches in the nailbed? Pretty ingenious I think!
Tomorrow I also have a hair appointment, thank goodness, I can't stand it anymore. The color is gone, the gray is coming back, yuck!!!
Then the kids have piano in the evening. I hope I'll be able to do anything tomorrow, I always have so many plans, I need to buy more flowers, still need to do planting and weeding, I need a new pump for the pool, the one we have is shot, so there is no pool for now. Oh brother. When the guys opened the pool they told us they found a dead rat in the water. When they tried to get it out, it fell apart, isn't it just lovely? It just never ends!
A dear priest friend just past away the other day. His funeral is going to be tomorrow morning in Pittsburgh. There is no way I can make it there, but I do feel so bad. We have known him for years and he was such a sweet man! Nothing but sacrifices for others, if he didn't go straight to heaven, nobody will!

Poor TG is still running around with the satellite dish around her neck. I have tried taking it off, but she goes after her stitches, so I had to put it back on. Other than that she is back to normal, she tried to play with Sweetie today, it was really funny with that thing around her neck. At night she comes and sucks on my shirt again, so we are all good :)

she was asleep here, so Gabrielle put her little graduation cap on her head :)

Well. here is what I have been working on:
This is the "before" page to the Hair one I posted earlier. I will make it into a double spread for her, the pages work together

these two pages go together also, they are from the Church part of the ceremony, including the awards ceremony.

I just finished this one a little while ago, that's her best friend and her teacher. Then most of the class sang a song downstairs, a lot of people didn't even notice what was going on, it was just too crazy. Too bad! This page was for the template challenge 

This next page I did today also. It was for the Itunes challenge at DD, I really loved the inspiration page 
on the blog. Isn't it cool?

This is what I came up with

Well, today was another nice day, I love the warm weather, I just wish we had more months of it.
Phil just took the girls to the Giant Eagle to get more bananas, so he can make us all a milk shake. That has become such a ritual, every night we get one, fat free milk and fat free whipping cream on top, yumm!!! I am being spoiled! He puts this tall glass in front of me, with a large spoon in it, how about being served like that :)
Well, I better clean up the kitchen a bit before they get back! Have a wonderful Thursday night :)


Terry said...

oh your poor son!!

Jeanne said...

OUCH! Oh my goodness, that looks SO very painful! I hope it heals quickly.

You say you live a boring life, but I sure beg to differ. Lots of things are always going on with you and your kids.

Fabulous layouts!!!

Barb said...

Anke, do you ever slow down?? Poor Michael. It still looks plenty sore!!

Sounds like a busy weekend ahead too, can handle it. Just slurp up that milkshake for some energy. You spoiled girl!!! Isn't it great???

jeanne said...

Oh, youch!!! I hope Michael is healing well and feeling better.

Never say Never!

Well, here I am creating my very own blog! I was always very sure I would never get into this blogging "thing", but here I am. I hope you will enjoy finding out a little about my not so interesting life!