Sunday, June 6, 2010

Recital Day

They did it! And they did it fabulously, I was so impressed. Rachel's song went off without a hitch, Gabrielle got stuck briefly but played beautifully and Michael could only play the right hand with his finger and Sarah did the left for him. All the kids did a lovely job and the parents are always so happy! I must say I see such an improvement in the kids through the years, the songs get harder and more beautiful! One girl played The Meadow from New Moon, I love, love that song and she made no mistakes (although she did not have her song memorized like the other kids). I loved it.
I apologize for the photos, they are horrible! I don't know what it is about that place. Every year I try and every year the pics are really bad. I have no light, these were done with ISO of 1000 and still they were too dark, blow them up and they have tons of noise. The last one especially, I could not for the life of me get that one to look any better, even after using noiseware. Oh well. Makes me mad, it was such a cute picture too.

We went to the Hongkong Buffet afterwards, so I won't have to cook tonight. Of course I feel stuffed to the gills now :)

School is out! Yeah! The kids can sleep in in the morning now, and there won't be any stress for a while, how nice! I am not missing the assignments and the things to be done...
Michael got his stitches out on Friday, it was very slick! He still has the bandage for another 2 weeks, hopefully by then the stitches in his nailbed will have dissolved and we can take that old nail off.
Thursday was Rachel's voice lesson. I told her afterwards, I felt like applauding, she did a really nice job! Her voice really has improved, she can hit higher notes and sings out louder. I am really proud of her! This morning the choir director was talking about training young cantors and wanted to know if the girls are interested. I hope they will go for it, it would be such a great experience for them!
Tuesday I am going to Hershey with Gabrielle and her class. It's the 8th grade class trip and I am a chaperone. That should be interesting! I have never been there, so I am looking forward to it. I love the rides!

I have also gotten a few pages done :) One more spread for the graduation:

this one was from the field day they had up at school, it was so stinking hot thad day, but the kids had such fun. This little girl belongs to the Religion teacher (her daughter is also in Gabby's class). She was being handed from one to the other person and never flinched. She is sort of the school mascot I think :)

Isn't she just adorable?

I took this picture a few days ago and just had to play with it the other evening. That was fun!

I am usually not good at working with a set of pictures that I have to finish, like the graduation, so this was a nice break...
There is one other page, but it's for a challenge that hasn't been posted yet, so I can't really put it up yet. Next time!
Well, have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!


Barb said...

You are such a great blogger, Anke!! Always such an interesting read!!! I think the pics of the kids look great!!! Isn't if fun to see your kids conquer things? Michael was really something playing with only one hand!

Jeanne said...

I'm so impressed that Michael played with just the one hand. I would think that would be more complicated and confusing! Bravo! I'm so glad all the kids did well.

Your layouts are just gorgeous. You have really found your niche in digi scrapping, that is for sure.

And, I have to say, I sure hope you keep reading my blog! LOL

Never say Never!

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