Monday, June 28, 2010

On vacation

We got to Myrtle Beach on Saturday. It is soooo hot down here :) We love it! We stopped overnight to break up the long trip and it was so much better. We had a nice roomy room and a good dinner, it made it so much easier to continue with the long ride. We hit a few traffic jams, but we made it. The room is very adequate, the beach is quite nice. Yesterday we had a half a day of thunderstorms and it's storming right now. I don't mind it if it's at night, I just hope it's going to be sunny again in the morning. The beach was a ton of fun this morning, we bought a boogie board and took turns with it.
Last night we had dinner at Carrabbas,

at first I didn't realize that it was that famous place that Sean Hannity always talks about. It was packed! The wait was really long but the food was good! Doesn't it look cool with those trees on the roof?
Tonight we went to Kono, which is a Japanese Steakhouse. That was good too. I would really like to go to one of those Seafood Calabash places, maybe tomorrow.
We drove to downtown Myrtle Beach this afternoon (I guess that's what you'd call it) There is a new boardwalk, which is nice, not too much there really.

I always think it should be more like Virginia Beach, I really liked all the entertainment they had a every corner and that you didn't have to drive around to everything. Oh well....
Gabby misses Karate, so she did a few moves on the beach tonight. It was interrupted by thunder and lightning though.
It's so good to get away, Phil is sleeping so much better, that alone makes it worth it :)
We are making breakfast and lunch in the room, since we have a small kitchen. It's actually quite convenient. The other night I caught this moon shot, I had never seen a moon look like that. I just happened to look from the balcony and there it was
Yesterday I got a few shots of lightening, it's a little blurry, but it was my first try

I actually scrapped too. This one I just did today :)

This one I did in the Hotel room where we stopped on the way down here

and some more...

I am also caught up with my 365 pages, here is the rest of them

that really made me happy! I still have to do last week's, but I will probably wait til we get back home. Okay, everybody, I promise I will stop by your blogs when I get back :)


Jana Holden said...

Okay superwoman! You are scrapping even while on vacation! Love the photos of the moon & the lightning and those trees on Carrabbas are so interesting & cool!
Have a wonderful & safe rest of your trip! Stop by my blog sometime when you get back.
Cheers to a great vacation!

latz said...

Hope you're having a wonderful vacation! Love your moon photo too.

Barb said...

Looks like you are having a good time. I would be satisfied, too, if DH was just sleeping good. He needs some time away, I'm sure!!

Ah!! Carrabbas! Our very favorite place!! LOVE it! Their Marsala chicken is out favorite!

Have loved seeing your pages. As always they are so inspiring.

Continue to have a great time and be careful!!

Terry said...

glad you are having fun Anke!! We went to Myrtle Beach years ago--it's really known for golf.

Anonymous said...

are u nuts quit withthe blog etc sit your tush on the beach and just relax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope u guys continue to enjoy how was the imax ? i am so ready to go to the shore!! can't wait lets do an adult night out when u get home either small or large group doesnt matter to me! Give the kids a hug and tell them aunt jo is praying for them everyday as always !! tell phil not to watch the news or read just enjoy Gods beauty!! love you all jo

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