Sunday, June 13, 2010

class trip and more...

another week has come and gone and again I didn't post sooner! Sorry! Let's see if I can do a recap of the week.
Tuesday was the Hershey trip with Gabrielle's 8th grade class. It seemed like all the 8th grades in the State went to that Park that day :) It was fun and the weather was fabulous.

 Best of all, Gabby went on the rollercoasters! She was always deathly afraid and I couldn't get her to go on them for anything, but being with her friend did the trick. She even went on the Great Bear, which has 2 loops and dangles. Awesome! We screamed so loud and for so long, our throats were sore for the rest of the day :)
that was the second coaster we went on (taken with my phone), this was pretty simple with only one loop:)

then off to the big guns

don't they look cool? Strolling through the Park we ran into some candy :)

Anyway, it was a great time. I will be making some pages later on, I have so many pictures, but they aren't that interesting. It's funny how hard it is to take pictures in glaring sunshine.

The next day we had a Vet appointment and TG got her stitches out. She is back to normal and can finally play again without the satellite dish around her neck! If only she would have left her stitches alone, she wouldn't have needed it!
Thursday Michael had a dentist appointment, plus Karate every night, Friday was piano and that was the whole week! It seems that we ran somewhere every day.
Saturday I finally got all my pots planted around the pool and cleaned up! I did something different this year, I planted some tomato and pepper plants together with the flowers. I think it looks okay, what do you think?

I have never had black peppers before, I think they are way cool looking :)
Then I found these cone shaped planters and I put some trailing plants in those

The outside is covered with leaves, I don't think they will last too long, but they look so pretty!
Yesterday we went out to eat, wound up at Red Lobster, I told Gabby that was for her graduation. With what you wind up spending there for 5 people it better be :) It was good though, I love seafood!

Ready for some pages? I have been doing some 365 pages, I really need to get caught up with those. While working on those I realized that I messed up with the days at the beginning of May, so I had to fix those first....
So now I am done with May and can move on to June ...
Here is the rest of the pages for the week

This was so funny, Gabby shut her phone on her lip and made it bleed! Only this generation... :)

Rachel drew this dragon free hand on Gabby's leg, isn't she quite the artist?

This was for the AAM challenge at DD, we were supposed to make a page about our best friend and I chose my hubby! It's amazing how many nice things about him I could come up with in a really short time. Who would have thunk....

This guy was making balloon art at our Park last weekend. He was quite good and the kids had a good time, although we had to wait almost an hour for our turn!

Today was just a hang out day. My neighbor was finally here to look at the pool. Our motor was totally shot and we had to replace it, I haven't even been able to start the filter, so the pool is nice and green, gross! He will have to come back tomorrow and finish, he needs a switch. The kids can't wait to get in there. You wait, as soon as the pool is ready to be used, it will be raining again. Last year I think I went in twice!

Well, that's that! We shall see what this week will bring! Have a great one!


Terry said...

WOW lady you sure are busy!! The trip to Hershey sounds like so much fun. It has probably been 40 years since I was there!!

Love your plants--come to my house and do mine please??? :)

Barb said...

Sounds like a normal family to me, Anke!! Go, go , go!!! It is never ending, isn't it??

Looks like a lot of fun at Hershey!! Gabriel will be loving the coasters now. Not me. Life is scary enough!! LOL

Love seeing your LO's They are always so nice. Great job on them all1!!

Jeanne said...

FABULOUS! That Hershey Park looks like a ton of fun. I love roller coasters! Glad that Gabrielle got brave enough to try it. Peer pressure at its best. LOL

Your plants look so nice. Cool cone shaped container.

Your layouts are fabulous as well. I don't know how you do it! So many wonderful creations in such a short amount of time. LOVE it. Proofreader Jeanne says to check the word lesson (toward the bottom) on the funny layout about Gabrielle pinching her lip. wink, wink.

Have a great week. Can't wait to see what you are up to next!

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