Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yes, we are going!!! Since we never made it to Cancun in the winter, we will head down to the beach toward the end of the month. We will be heading to Myrtle Beach for a week. I just booked a Hotel today and we made sure Phil would have coverage, so we are good to go. Now I have to make sure I can board the birds, have somebody to clean the kitty litter and board the dog. Sometimes having a zoo really is an impediment! I am looking forward to it, never having been down there before. We spent a few days at Virginia Beach a couple of years ago, but this is so much further. WE will stop half way and stay overnight. That will make it more pleasant. 13 hours in the car with the three of them wouldn't be too pleasant...:) I read it was 91 down there today while it was cool and rainy here...can't wait. Our pool still looks the same. Our neighbor was here, put the new motor on but needs a new switch which he was going to get yesterday. Of course we never saw him yesterday or today. I can't stand having to rely on him for anything anymore. He is a nice guy but drives me nuts!!! In the meantime the pool is getting greener and greener...
This past weekend was just a hanging out weekend. we didn't do much of anything, it was actually kind of pleasant. Today was piano and Karate tonight. Oh yeah, I forgot, RAchel is going to be a cantor at Church, for the adult masses. She has done it for the school mass but this is big! She will be leading the whole congregation, I am so proud of her. The choir director met with her last night and went over a few things. She will set her up for July and they'll practice the stuff beforehand. She is nervous but determined.
Yesterday we found a few baby birds in the garage. There was a nest in an old breaker box in there and I never noticed it! They were so adorable! The parents were trying to lure them out into the open and they fluttered and hopped after them, too cute! Actually that was the day before yesterday, because yesterday I found another one. At first I heard nothing but chirping and then later the little dude was sitting on the floor in there. I was afraid somebody was going to hit him so I picked him up and put him out on the wall. He just let me pick him up and was all still. Later he was gone.
I didn't get much done in the way of pages, here are a couple from Hershey

they should be next to each other, it looks better, but it won't work. I did one more page for the Itunes challenge at DD, it will come tomorrow, I really liked this one.

Before I go, one quick link to a friend's blog. She and her daughter blog recipes and they are having this give-away. Check it out here
Okay, time to go watch the movie :)


Terry said...

You are going to love Myrtle Beach. Craig and I went there several years ago and had a blast.

Jeanne said...

Ohhhh, your vacation sounds like fun! I hope you have a marvelous time!!

Not to worry, I won't quit stopping by, not when I get to see such gorgeous layouts and hear all about your adventures. Congrats to Rachel! Such an accomplishment. Hope that pool gets fixed soon. What a pain.

Okay...enter proofreader Jeanne...on the first layout, I think "decorated" needs to be fixed. And a little later, I see some lowercase letters when I think you need uppercase. The part about the wave pool. Exit proofreader.

I'll just bet that Ferris Wheel looks awesome lit up at night!

Barb said...

Oh Anke! Vacation. I need one so badly!! Our boss took back all vacation days and sick days. I guess he thinks you can work forever without a break!!! And no one can afford unpaid time off when you work here. Lucky you. Have some fum time for me!!! You will love it there. So pretty!

I am glad you are stopping along the way. We came to Florida every year with the three kids and our long day was 10 hours. THAT was long enough. Noted by the dents in the roof of the car when I would bounce off it!! LOL

Love the LO's as always. Looks like they have done a lot of improvements since we were there many, many years ago!!

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