Friday, July 9, 2010

Back in the groove

It already seems as though vacation never happened. A week goes by so fast, it's amazing! We drove back on Friday and decided to drive straight through. We got home at about 10.30, so it wasn't bad at all. We stopped for lunch and for dinner. Now I don't want to see Denny's for a long long time :)
We had a good time, lots of sun, I loved the beach, the ocean, the sand, I really do! We had some great dinners, Captain George was a wonderful Seafood buffet, pricey but yummy! We also found a nice California Pizza place, all kinds of weird pizzas, that was a nice change. We went to see Avatar in 3D again at the Imax, which was very disappointing. I am used to the Pittsburgh Imax, which is enormous and wrap around, I mean, you are literally in the movie! So I think the 70 $ was wasted for this one which was just a large screen...
We found a nice place called Broadway on the Beach, lots of little shops and fun stuff to see and do, another one was called Barefoot Landing, just about the same thing in a different location. At the first one we saw these catfish, man were they big and gross, they would swim over top of each other to get some food....

Aren't they lovely? :)

They all had a good time... there was some pretty nature around too, I loved this one...

and this one

stuff you don't see around here

these are from the other place

it actually took a nut out of my hand, so cute

He was just a baby, you can't tell from the picture, he just wanted to be fed LOL

Here you could play hamster, 10 $ for 3 minutes. That wasn't even enough time to figure out how to stand up in that thing. We didn't bother trying

I got this shot while we were sitting outside the California Pizza place, it wasn't really quite this dark, but I loved the shot...

Karate on the beach, how do you like that? :) :) What a die-hard!

Now that I bored you long enough with pictures, I can bore you a little more with some pages I did...:)

I loved that reflection in her glasses, you can see me :)

Of course Michael is in his glory!!!

Here Rachel loves the ocean, it's evening and nobody is there and it's not hot...

Gabrielle is like me, she loves the beach and the ocean
I took this on the walkway from the hotel to the beach, what a great spot

yes, Rachel made it to the beach once during the day, it didn't last too long. She just doesn't like it much

this is the beach garbage truck, it was so funny to watch it zoom across the beach in the morning...
yes, that's me. Gabrielle took a picture of me for a change...

this one I just did last night, we are getting some new papers in the store that really inspired me, I wanted to tuck something under those flowers and I did :)

All caught up with my 365 pages again, I really don't like getting behind with them, it becomes a drag. I also don't like splitting them up at the end of the month, I wind up doing double the page...I'll change that again next year I think.

Well, like I said, everything is back to normal, Gabby couldn't wait to get back to karate, I could have done without it, but I need the exercise. Phil is back to the stress and the annoyances that come with his job, Rachel is practicing to be a cantor at Church and life just continues like before. I got their paperwork in for camp and Phil and I are planning a short trip to NewYork maybe. I think that would be fun!
Well, gotta go for now, time to get ready for the day!


Barb said...

Sounds like you had fun, Anke!! Any break in the regular pace is wonderful!!!

We have eaten at the California Pizza!! They sure do have some strange pizzas!!

But things back to normal. Doesn't take long at all!!!

Love all your LO's They are always perfect!!! Keep them coming. They are great eye candy for me!!

Jeanne said...

Yay! I'm all caught up again from my vacation! I've read your posts on your vacation and it sure looks like you all had a fabulous time! Your pictures are wonderful...can't believe those catfish! And your layouts...can I just say...I LOVE all the little details you sneak in to complement the wonderful photos. It took me a while to get through the posts because of all the details you add. Fabulous!!!

Terry said...

I know what you mean about getting in the groove and feeling like you never went on vacation. I feel like I need another vacation. Loved looking at the vacation pics.

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