Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Photo walk and Katie

I'm sure you all knew about the Scott Kelby photo walks this past Saturday. I was so happy I signed up. It was really really hot that day but we still had a nice group. The local photo club organized it and directed us around town. I don't spend that much time downtown, so it was a perfect occasion to see things I hadn't looked at before. It took me a couple of hours to go through my photos and fix some of them and save them to Flickr. I have no idea what I will do with them, but I had fun and got to practice some techniques. We were lucky in that the local Y was having a triathlon and we got to watch some of the bikers. I tried my hand at that panning technique, that was really fun, but hard. They were so dang fast. Here is one example

here is some other stuff I captured (don't worry, just a few :))

It was a good time all around, I met a bunch of people, we even had a lady on oxygen and one walking with a cane. We split up, so I don't know if they made the whole walk.

Sunday I got to meet Katie from Designer Digitals. She was dropping off her daughter for camp at a local college and I was able to join her for lunch. I met her once before last year and it seemed as though we had just met a few weeks ago. She is so easy to talk to and really sweet, so this was a treat! All around I had a great weekend, there is life without kids! :) :)

Now we have to get ready for Vegas and the kids need some stuff for camp yet. I'm a little scared about going away without the kids, I hope nothing will happen. My friend already knows she is the guardian should anything happen, we were laughing about that the other day. That would be all she needs to make her life more chaotic, but she is a sweetheart and the kids couldn't be better off... okay, I'm not even going there, nothing will happen and we will have a great time!

I am so glad the kids are going to this camp. No cell phone, mass every morning, getting up early, hiking, swimming, prayer.... it's perfect! I think the routine will be good for them, I never thought I would hear my kids moan about being bored. I don't like these teenage years at all!

I didn't do that many pages these past days, obviously I didn't have time on the weekend, but here are a few. Yikes, it's not even a few, it's just a couple. I finished my 365 pages again:

and I did this one about TG yesterday.

How can that be all????? What the heck??? Oh well, I guess that means I spent more time with the family :)

Today looks like a free day except for Karate tonight. I have a ton of errands to run, so I will get most of them done today, the birds need their wings clipped, I have to return a radio, get gas, have a security tag removed from a shirt I bought in Monroeville a couple of weeks ago, we need to look for a bathing suit for Gabby, get some supplies, run to the store, go to the cleaners, oh yikes!
Well, I better start moving, I hope you all will have a wonderful day!


Barb said...

Beautiful pictures, Anke!! The panning one is just great!!!

I know you are scared about leaving the kids but all will be fine. Nothing will happen with you gone anymore than if you weren't. Put them in God's hands and leave them.

How did Rachel do as cantor? I thought for sure you would blog about it! I know she did great, I just wanted to hear it from Mama!! LOL

You said this is a free day and then let loose with a list as long as your arm. You silly girl. You had better get going!! LOL Have a great day!

Terry said...

I'm tired after reading all you have to do. The photo walk sounds so fun. I love the panning photo--gorgeous. Hope you love Vegas. I love the place--great shows. don't worry about the kids--they'll be fine. I'm thinking of getting a new camera body at Christmas. Tell me what you like about yours and what you don't like. Do you wish you had something different?

jeanne said...

more pictures are always welcome. A.L.W.A.Y.S!!!!

Have fun in Vegas. The kids will love camp!

Joanie said...

Wow! Anke! These are great photos. I love the perspective in the alley, your panning is great. Love the details... just beautiful.

Jeanne said...

Fabulous! Love your photos and, as always, your layouts. (double check seaworthyness...I think it's an i instead of y, but I could be wrong) TG sure is a funny cat. Lots of fun!

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