Thursday, July 22, 2010

Church festival and more

Last Sunday was our yearly festival and car cruise. There was a call really early in the morning that a fast moving storm had knocked down all the tents. Of course I slept through the whole thing. I worked the food line after mass and heard then that a lot of people showed up to help. Most of the tents were unusable, the poles bent etc. They had to drive to Somerset to get a couple of new ones, it was a real mess! Sunday was a gorgeous day though, hot and no rain at all! We had a good crowd, so I am hoping they did okay, since all the proceeds go to the school.

We still didn't make the final arrangements for our trip, I just have to call AAA back and book it though, she had a fairly good deal for Vegas at the Bellagio, which sounds awesome. The only problem is the heat this time of the year. Somebody compared the temperature at night to having a blowdryer put in your face all the time. Doesn't that sound like fun? :) I figure there are pools and enough things to see inside all the casinos, so we won't spend too much time outside anyway.

Almost every weekend we go Panera Bread once and I had this awesome salad, I just love it! Mixed greens with chicken and all kinds of fruit, mandarin oranges, pineapple strawberries etc. It's just wonderful and has only 270 calories :)

I have been pretty bad about taking photos this week, good thing there are always a lot of flowers around to fill in my 365 pages :) Yikes!

Our pool still isn't finished. They were supposed to be here first thing Monday morning and replace the skimmer which came on Friday. Guess whose face I haven't seen yet? That's right! It is beyond annoying, I will never use him for anything else ever again!!!! (remind me I said that) :)

Well, let me get the pages out of the way
This shot is from China when we went to get Gabrielle
Rachel took this picture with her cell phone, I think it looks just amazing!

flowers in the garden, very simple, but I loved it
another simple page, this one was for a challenge on using white space

Rachel has the most beautiful smile (when she smiles)

one more page of these and I will be caught up again :)

Anna has a new artsy template coming out this weekend. I really didn't have to do much here, all the stuff on here is new for this weekend, fast and easy, that's the way I like it! :)

Here is a photo for my brother, I should have posted it earlier, but it slipped my mind :) Hallo Bruder. hier ist der Kaktus von dem ich Dir erzaehlt habe! :)

this guy was sitting on the wall just across the kitchen window. The picture isn't the best but it was too good not to try :)

can you see the robin babies? I had to take these through all kinds of shrubs, look how still they sit and then Mama comes with food...

Well, I think I will go outside with Gabrielle and soak up some sun at the pool :) Since nobody is working we have it to ourselves.


Barb said...

Repairmen...aren't they the pits. When we moved to Florida I couldn't believe that when they said they would be there Tuesday, they MEANT maybe but really probably Tuesday. That is how it is here. It's standard and drives me crazy!! (Only a one tank trip, though!! )

Get booked, Anke. I will be fun. Remember, in hot places it is like cold places in the winter. You stay in with the heat, here you stay in with the air!! LOL It was 103 yesterday at our house!! Heat index is 110! Yuk!

Anxious for sunday to get here. Praying for Rachel!! Let us know how she does...which we know will be super!!!

Terry said...

that salad sounds heavenly Anke. Loving all your LO's.

Jeanne said...

I wish repairmen could be more reliable. I don't think it used to be this way in years past, but customer service isn't what it used to be either. I hope your pool gets fixed soon!

Amazing layouts, Anke. Your family is just beautiful. That picture taken with the cell phone is gorgeous. On the voice lessons layout, it looks like maybe an extra letter was added at the very end, or you cut off some of the journaling. That's it!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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