Friday, July 16, 2010


of the week, that's what it boils down to. It seems that time just flies and gets away from me all the time. Every day there is something that needs to be taken care of, appointments to be kept etc. I know, I know, that's just part of life and everybody has to deal with it. I am just trying to find an excuse for not keeping this blog more up-to-date :)

I probably mentioned that Rachel is going to be a cantor at Church. She has practiced with the choir director and yesterday I heard her go through her songs during her voice lesson, and I was soooo impressed. She has gotten so much better, these lessons really are worth it! She projects now, she is more self-assured, has a higher range... not this weekend, but the following Sunday is her debut! I am so excited and nervous for her, after all she isn't even 13 yet!

They are still fighting me about the Camp thing. Every time I mention it, they get mad all over again, you would think they would be resigned to the fact by now. The only one excited about it is Michael, probably because he expects to see a lot of his classmates there. It will be great! Phil and I are still planning to go somewhere, now it might be Las Vegas though, we'll see...

Let's see, Karate, piano, dentist, voice, hair (all times several people), pretty much encompasses the week!
I have been working on the beach photos still, for once I would like to get one trip all done :) This one I combined with Katrina's scavenger hunt challenge, to find photos that match the words she posted. I had fun looking through my vacation photos for it :)
As you can see, I don't scrap in any particular order, just as the muse strikes :)

I did this one for Gabrielle

and this one is about Michael

I hope I didn't already write about this. I received an email from Shruti at Kodak that I won second prize with my baby page. You can check it out here I think that the prize is an all in one printer. I was so thrilled!

One more thing! Could our kids please all stay little??? Pretty please? I am so not liking this teenage stuff that's coming up! I guess we all have to go through it somehow!

Well, looks like the sun is coming back out, we just had a heavy thunderstorm. Maybe I can get some weeds pulled yet :) 


Barb said...

Kids! They want to hate it so badly they won't tell you they like it even if the LOVE it! Be prepared!! LOL It will be fun and it is good for them!!! (And you, too!! LOL)

With three kids there will be nothing but running!! Been there done that myself!! And the teen years!! Not much "wonderful" stuff I can tell you. Looking back it was fun but going through it I felt like I deserved a medal!!

Great post, Anke!! Hope Rachel really enjoys being a cantor! Our one sone is an opera singer so I know how much those lessons can help. Will be looking forward to hearing all about it!

Jeanne said...

Just when we want things to slow down a little, they speed up. I guess that's the life of a mom with three busy kids! I'm always blown away by your gorgeous layouts and the number you are able to create in a relatively short amount of time. I really enjoy looking at them and learning a bit more about you through your kids. Amazing!

***and now, proofreader Jeanne is putting her cap on*** LOL
Cherished layout with Michael asleep...who'ssoft needs a space and I think whose is correct spelling...who's makes me think of who is or who has...Road layout...look at the word miserable Pool picture...should probably read They are just toys, Dad.
***proofreader cap off, now*** LOL
Congrats on your win, Anke! So well deserved! And these layouts are fabulous!!

latz said...

Awesome layouts! Your trip to meet the other CTs sounds wonderful! and I know you'll put that new printer to good use--congrats!

Carol said...

I feel exhausted reading all your happenings lol.
And you still have time to do such wonderful layouts.
I totally agree I think all children should be frozen in time for a few years to slow down that growing up process.

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