Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Is it possible that I haven't done a post in over 2 weeks? Oh my! So sorry in case you missed me :) It's just been crazy, between the end of school, Gabrielle graduation, it seems as though there are always forms to be filled out or some other stuff to be done, ca-razy! Well, Gabby is done, she graduated and we had a nice Mass followed by the Awards ceremony. She received a Good Citizen award from our State Senator and several other awards. We were sooo proud! That morning we went to have her hair done. At first I thought I wasn't going to spring for it, it being just grade school, but then she told me all the other girls were going, so I finally gave in. The lady who did it, did a fantastic job, we wound up leaving her hair down and curled, it was gorgeous!!! Here is the page I did with the photos of her hair (before she changed into her dress)

I think she looks like a college graduate :)

Let's see what else happened. I took TG to be spayed, she is still walking around with a satellite dish around her neck, because she won't leave her stitches alone.
Talking about stitches, last weekend was horrible! We had done a lot of cleaning outside and inside and I suddenly heard this loud screaming from Rachel and Michael inside. At first I thought they were fighting or goofing off but then I realized that the sounds were different. I dropped my broom and ran inside only to find them running around through the house, Michael holding his hand, blood all over the kitchen floor and him.... He slammed the basement door on his left middle finger and it looked like the tip was partially cut. Needless to say we rushed him to the ER where we sat, and sat, and sat some more before anybody even came into the room. Good thing he is such a trooper. I was getting madder and madder by the minute. Then somebody came in and put some stuff down, and of course I thought, this is it, finally. Then she left again, telling us that somebody would be in soon. We spent about 6 hours in the ER, that is just outrageous. The ER doc tried to numb his hand by giving him injections around his finger, but when he tried to stitch it, Michael still had a lot of pain. So he gave up and went to call a Plastic Surgeon. He told us we might have to put him under and perform surgery that way. We already thought the whole night would be shot, by then it was after midnight! Well, the surgeon came in, gave him a few more shots and stitched him up with no problems. Cracked me up, Michael told him that he would be an "Excellent score" on his game and if the other doc had done what he did, we would have been out of there a long time ago. It really was funny! Anyway, it turns out that he broke the tip of his finger and put two gashes in his finger, one of them in his nailbed, so that they had to take the nail off in order to put stitches in there. It's doing well, he'll get his stitches out next Friday. What an adventure though. I always wondered when we would have our first trip to the ER with him :)

Good thing their piano evaluations were the day before or else he would have been in trouble...

The other day I received the kids' papers for camp, so they are officially in! They still are not happy about it, but resigned. I think they are going to love it after a while. I have to figure out where the two of us can go while they are there. It's the perfect opportunity to get away for a few days! We were thinking maybe Key West or something like that!

Other than that I have been busy scrapping of course
I did a few 365 pages,  I am still behind with these, it gets so boring....

A macro shot I took a couple of weeks ago

Sweetie when she was still little, I can hardly remember her this way, so cute!

This is the page I did for Kodak for their new website about babies... they are having a contest over there

Michael doing his stunts last year :)

sleeping on the floor in our bedroom with his dragons by his side

some more flowers in the yard, I love these, they remind me of Germany

A visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo a couple of years ago

We had this sudden downpour about a week ago, it hailed like crazy and the street in front of the house was a small river. The kids had to go out and wade around in it, until it all dried up again

This was a page for art journaling, chosing a word and making a page with it.
Michael's favorite thing at the icecream place, nice and green! He loves those things!
Designer Digitals had their quaterly sale with a chat all day Saturday and I managed to finish 5 pages that day. Nothing grand, but it was a lot of fun. This was one of them, the papers and stuff we got as freebies were perfect for that picture even if I had already scrapped it before :)

Katie came out with this cool template and I just had to use it for these ancient photos of a trip to Gatteo A Mare in Italy. WE used to go there all the time as a family when I grew up. I am the one shading her eyes :)
All the azaleas and rhododendron in the yard were blooming at the same time. It was such a gorgeous sight!
This one I just did today. It was another one of the photoshop user magazine tutorials. Some of them are pretty cool. This one was fairly easy, you create the text and then use it as a clipping mask. There was a neat little trick about reproducing the text though, that was cool!

The weather has finally improved, it was so hot all of a sudden, quite suddently! Today we had a heavy storm and it cooled off a little. We didn't have anywhere to go, I had suggested a ride to Ohiopyle and a picnic, but I didn't have any takers. So we just did the picnic food at home and it was quite good. We are such a boring family. I guess it's because we are always doing stuff during the week, with piano and Karate and all the other nonsense, that sometimes everybody wants to just hang out at home. On the other hand they are complaining about being bored, can't win for losing!
Well, sorry I had to bore you with such a long post. I always promise myself to post more frequently, but it seems to get worse....
I hope you all had a great weekend, I'll try to keep you more posted. (do you believe me?)
Have a good one!!!


Jeanne said...

Fabulous post, Anke! First off, I am so sorry to hear about Michael's finger. OUCH! Hope it heals up well and rapidly!

I can't believe how many layouts you have gotten done! You are a powerhouse digi scrapbooker! EACH one is amazing in its own right. I looked at each and every one and have come away awed once again by your remarkable talents. (no typos that I could see either, wink, wink)

Thanks so much for sharing!!

Jana Holden said...

Yikers Michael! We've had similar experiences in the ER before. You wonder how long it would take if you were really dying or something. They take forever and you expect instant response. Anyway, hope his finger is healing just fine.
I'm with Jeanne; I cannot believe how many layouts you get done! They are always so creative & gorgeous too! You rawk without a doubt!

Barb said...

I am out of breath, Anke!! You go so much. But we did that when the kids were young but oh my! Our lives have slowed so much and I think it is a marvelous change. Peace and calm!!! LOL Our boys were only 11 months to the day apart!! And then the daughter 3 years later!! It was fun but...served my term!! LOL

A great post. Really enjoyed it. You are not a boring family by any means!! You just go with the flow!!

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