Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The bathroom that is. I would have never thought that it would be such a tedious job to get all those little details done. Yesterday we had the guys here who did the plaster. They did a fabulous job, it looks so nice. Today Gary (my guy :)) started putting some tile on the wall. Wow! Every time I look in there, I have to smile. I know I am going to love it!

This is what it looked like yesterday

and this is today

It's so nice to see it taking shape now. Our new window should be coming in any day now also :)

The kids had another snow day today. We were supposed to get this really bad ice storm overnight and it was icy in the morning but a few hours later all the roads were fine. A delay would have been sufficient, but how do you know so early in the morning. Now they are calling for more of the same. Yikes! Of course other states are being slammed, so I can't complain.

I haven't had much time to do pages these last few days, so I only have this

Not much to show for, I know. I have been working on some other stuff, but can't show it yet. I have also been adding photos to my website, man this takes forever! :) That's the nature of the beast, I suppose.

We went to see our friends in Altoona on Saturday with a little trip to Sam's and then dinner with 2 more  couples. It was fun! I love to see them all, we really don't meet often enough. She had her little grandson with her, he is such a doll!

He is all smiles almost all the time, unless he is really tired. Can't blame him for that I guess! We got to see our other friends' brand new house, total awesomeness! They had my kitchen LOL. Wonderful dark wood floors and dark cabinetry. I loved it! Lots of inspiration for my future new kitchen :)

Well, I better scrap some more, this was really a lame post. Stay safe and warm! Ciao!


Barb said...

BEAUTIFUL, Anke! LOVE the color! Those are my colors for sure. Isn't it fun to see it all coming together??

I am watching that storm, too. DS in NJ/NY and is supposed to be hit with 1/2-1" of ice. That is really worse than snow. This has been terrible and we really have more winter to go! And I would suspect kids are out of free snow days so these will have to be made up!! Yuk!! I bet parents with small kids will have a hard time with sitter schedules on those days!!

Not to make you feel TOO bad but it was 78 here yesterday. Now that is better!! But we are due for more cold to move in; thank God not like you all are having.

Stay warm and take care!

Anonymous said...

that baby is sososo beautiful i just love seeing pics of him!! hey go steelers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so wish i could just pj it but up to macs then home i hope not going to brians call me this week and lets do Lunch!! love the bathroom!! jo

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