Thursday, February 17, 2011

Check- up

His that is. It was on Tuesday and everything went well, all the heart functions are good. There is just one little area that showed something, like a small vessel that might be occluding. It also could be nothing, so we will repeat the tests in 6 months, just to be sure. We are a little bummed out, it would have been nicer, had there been absolutely nothing, but it really is not that big a deal when one thinks about it. It's one of the small vessels and sometimes the body creates collateral bypasses spontaneously anyway. Let's just hope for the best.

Gabrielle had swim meets all week, she is getting better, but the girls always get beat. I don't think they won once the whole season. Of course it doesn't help that a lot of the girls don't show up and then they are missing out on points. That is part of being on a team I guess. Of course we haven't been to Karate all week because of that...well, Monday is her last meet and then it's back to normal.

The bathroom is getting better and better, now we have tile on the floor and the granite for the stoop, shelves and window sill just came today. Yay! The shower door should be coming any day now, everything is slowly falling into place. Now to decide on a color for the walls. The painter is coming tonight to look at the job and I have no idea yet. Help!

The sunroom is insulated and re-plastered. I really love it, I like sitting in there now, it's such a comfortable, airy room. The ceiling looks cool, they suggested this neat pattern and I like the way it came out. Of course we will have to get that painted now too. It never ends!

this is what it looks like. (don't you love the whole where the light is supposed to be?)

look at what my floor looked like...

I will be cleaning that thing forever!!!

We went to see the movie Rite on Sunday, we loved it, pretty scary but good. I don't know why the reviews are so bad... then we stopped for dinner at the Hongkong buffet. The kids always love it there. Those weekends get to be expensive!

The chat on Saturday went well. I had so many notes and links, I wasn't even able to present them all. I had to open 3 threads in the forum just to get them all in there. It was fun, but boy, it sure isn't easy to cut and paste and follow the conversation at the same time. Poor people must have thought I was ignoring them LOL. If you were there and felt ignored, please forgive me, I didn't do it on purpose, that chat always moves so fast and I have to look in 3 different places for my stuff....oh well.

Here are my pages for the week

find it here

The Scrat page was for the 30 minute chat on Saturday. That is always such fun! You can see it

I just now finished the latest set of 365 pages...

and here

I just love that project, it gets to be monotonous, but the results are great. We all love looking through the older years. Simple is the motto for this year :)

Yesterday I got to talk to my younger sister on Skype, it was so good to see her. She looks as cute as ever!

Okay, that was just a brief recap of the week. Hope all is well with you and I shall talk to you soon!


Joanie said...

I SO want a sunroom. So glad yours is now warm and functional! And you know what about the dust on the floor? If you sweep it up... it will just reappear... save yourself the effort. bwahahahaha

Barb said...

Can't wait to see your final pics of the bathroom. Ready to move on to the next room now??

So happy the check up went well. Don't let the small stuff bother you. The devil tries every way to get us worked into a tizzy!! You are right. The body can heal itself in so many ways!! Will pray for you all.

Leave the dust till it is all over. You want to leave something for the kids to write you love letters in!!! Mine did that once. Too bad I wasn't a scrapper then!! LOL Nothing warms the heart like "I love you, mom" written in dust!!! LOL

Love your blog, Anke.

Jana Holden said...

Glad his check-up was good news for the most part! can't wait to see the finished bathroom! Picking out the color is always many choices! Great LOs Anke! I'm partial to the one with your Yorkie...ha ha!

Jeanne said...

What a nice, newsy catch up post, Anke. I'm so glad things are going relatively smoothly for you these days. Looking forward to the big reveal on the remodeling, glad Phil's check-up was good overall and as always, I thoroughly enjoyed your layouts! I don't know how you keep up at all with those chats. I know how hectic they can be!

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