Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't miss it!

tomorrow is the big day! All day chat at
check out the schedule here
My chat is at 8PM and I will be talking about colors (well, one color in particular) I have been working all day to get it ready, I hope you'll like it! It should be fun and Katie always has the most wonderful freebies for everybody. I really like what she made for me :) So you better come and join me.

On a different note, I have no idea where this week went! Our bathroom is slowly (very slowly) taking shape. Gary (my man Gary) is doing a great job, it's just so detailed, so it's taking a long time. Plus he is by himself. I see the little details he adds that make it special.
Day before yesterday we had a crew here blowing insulation in the sunroom ceiling and walls! I simply cannot believe the difference! They did one half of the room the first day and in the morning I went in to feel the walls. There was a 10 degree difference! Now we have a room that is comfortable, no more shivering when entering LOL. We should have done this a long time ago! Now I wish I could do the whole house! The only thing is that they had to drill holes all over the walls that will have to be fixed now. The plasterers are coming on Monday to take care of that. I am excited that we finally are getting some things done. Now we are talking about doing the kitchen! We'll see! I can only imagine what that will cost us! Just getting a door for the shower was unbelievably expensive! That's what you get for building a large shower! I am loving the way it looks though!

Today I got 8 GB of ram in the mail. I followed their instructional video and replaced it myself. At first I didn't notice any difference, but then it must have settled or something, because I could click through LR without a pause or anything! That has never happened before! I am so happy! (See, it doesn't take much, does it? :))

Tuesday was Phil's checkup and everything was good. Another thing to take off the checklist, we won't have to worry about it for another year! He has his follow-up appointment on Monday, hopefully there won't be any hidden bad news :)

The other day I got a skype call from my BIL in Germany! It was so cool, he called my sister and we were able to chat while looking at each other. The girls were going crazy, asking stupid things and just being goofy. Technology is awesome!

Here are some pages I did

Wow, they almost go together, I didn't even realize that. I took so many photos of Rachel that one day and I really liked them, so I want to use as many as I can. Time to do some pages of the other kids too! Oh yeah, I forgot, I finally ordered prints of my pages from ScrappingSimply. I had pre-ordered several hundred prints, so I thought it would be a good idea to finally get some stuff printed and put into the binders I have. I can't wait to see what they look like

and last week's 365 pages are done too:

I like using the double page spread for them, so much more room and keeping it simple makes my life easier. They all become boring after a while anyway, so this format is perfect.

Yesterday I finalized the photo for Sarah and placed an order for a fracture. I promised it to her as a belated Christmas present. I even photoshopped a barrel onto one of her dogs. We had it on Jake when I took the photos in the snow, but then we forgot it for the re-shoot. I really don't think you can tell, can you?

I wanted to straighten it out a little more, but it chopped of the paws and I didn't like that, so this is it! I hope she'll be happy with it. Well, if she isn't, tough! :)

Well, it's been a long day, I literally sat here for hours getting all those links in order for tomorrow, I hope this will be somewhat informative for everybody! Don't forget now! Come for the fun, come for the freebie, come to drive me crazy! It'll be fun!!!


Barb said...

I don't want to drive you crazy tomorrow!!! Those chats have to be hard enough without that stuff going on!!! LOL I know it is going to be good!!!

Glad your bath is starting to take shape. Isn't it refreshing when something new happens around the house. I love it!!!

So glad Phil got a good report. Hoping Monday goes well, too.

Loved all your LO's as usual. Love seeing them all grouped together.

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous work, Anke. You have such flair with your pages. I love to soak in the details. *Ü* Congrats on the progress in the bathroom and sunroom. Yay for baby steps! I'm thrilled to hear the Phil is doing so well, I remember how worried you were(and rightfully so). Have a wonderful time wiht your chat!!

Terry said...

glad he had a good check up. Craig goes on Monday.

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