Monday, February 7, 2011

They lost!!!

The Steelers that is. I can't believe for once I watch a stupid football game and the guys have to loose.  Gabby had to explain everything that was happening since I don't have a clue, too funny. I had made a lot of food to have some semblance of a football party for her and Phil. Plus she had invited a school friend who had never been here before. Maybe they would have won if I hadn't made that big a deal about it? :) Nah!!! Oh well, I'm sure there are a lot of sad people today, I can't even imagine all those who went to see the game in person, paying thousands of dollars....glad it wasn't me!
Our bathroom is slowly taking shape. The grout went up the other day. Hopefully it will speed up a little now. We also got an estimate to get some insulation blown into the ceiling and walls of our TV/Sunroom. It's always so cold in there, I hope this will do the trick. They should be coming this week sometime and then the plasterers will return and fix the ceiling in there. Plus we have a mystery floor finish. Ever since we had it refinished, or at least for the last several months, the finish gets sticky every time we wash it, and we only use water on it. It's awful! The guy was here to take a look and told me to let it dry and he would return. Well, I haven't seen him back yet..time to call him again. It never ends.
My car is making all kinds of noise again. I just had it fixed a few months ago, because the engine light was on and it sounded like a truck. Now the same thing started again. I have an appointment on Wednesday. Like I said, it never ends....
We haven't had any new snow lately, thank goodness. I hope it stays that way, I am so ready for spring. Gabby's snowman died a slow death with the rising temperatures last week. It was so funny to watch. Every day he would be a little more bent over until she finally had to put him to his final rest. Of course I had to document that :)

I took a little walk (maybe 10 steps) through the backyard the other day, in order to find something to take macro photos of (for a challenge), found some and made that into a page too

Gabby and Catie had a snowball fight last week when they built the snowman, they were a riot to watch

and I did the page for the week. Here is the snowman again :) And I was finally able to get those pictures of Sarah without any snowflakes. I have to get them done today, I promised she would get them today when I go for my lesson.

Yesterday I spent most of the day uploading pages to ScrappingSimply for printing. I marked some 297 pages. Good thing I preordered printing credits when they had their big sale, so it's not costing me anything now. I can't wait to see them, people say that their quality is excellent.

Well, time to get the kids moving, it's another school day....
Have a great Monday!


Barb said...

Boo Hoo. Our Steelers didn't win. What a disappointment. I love football and they were supposed to do it!!! Argh!!! I should have made some food for the game. I wouldn't have felt so bad with the loss...I still would have enjoyed the food!! LOL

What is with that floor? I would be having a big fit!!! Let us know what is causing that.

Love, love, love your LO's I am really partial to the snowman one. I love the colors, the pics, the whole of it all. Just gives me a great feeling when I look at it. See...scrapping is art!!

Jeanne said...

I, for one, didn't care who won, so the game was fun for me to watch. I was worried at first that it would be lopsided, but it got more interesting as the game went on. I also think that the hype for the half-time show was overdone and aside from the visual effects of the dancers, I was quite unimpressed by the band that played. The commercials didn't thrill me all that much either. Again, lots of hype without the follow through, in my humble opinion.

Your layouts are outstanding, Anke! I couldn't read much of the journaling though. Too small for my eyes, I think. (Gosh, am I getting old??) Loved the snowfight one! LOL

I hope all the things that need fixing GET fixed without too much difficulty. How frustrating! But your bathroom is getting closer to be done. Yay!

Have a great week, Anke!

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