Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I finally made it to Karate on Monday night and got promoted (I wasn't there for the official promotion last Friday) I am now officially a SamDan or third degree Black Belt. How did I ever get here? Since I wasn't there for the official photo last week I went to the photographer privately and he will photoshop me in. Isn't it great? I could probably do a better job than the guy they use, but it usually turns out pretty good :) At least I will be in my photo.

It was hard getting back into the groove this week, I am still reliving last weekend, but now it's back to normal. My bathroom is beginning to have a shape again, today most of the drywall went up. It's starting to look like a small bathroom again LOL, I just got used to the width, now it's gone again. I am getting a little antsy, I really want it to be done. My floor heating pad just arrived today, that was really fast. I just ordered it a couple of days ago. It's exciting to see it all come together...

I have been scrapping a few Vegas pages

I have so many photo yet....

today I did this one, Rachel had asked me to take her pictures the other day, of course I was more than happy to oblige

here are a couple more of her photos

We had pretty good light that day, it was fun!

And I am caught up with my 365 pages again:

It has been snowing again since lunchtime. Phil told me the roads were really bad, so I decided to skip Karate again tonight. I was really set to go but not in this... I hope they won't cancel school again tomorrow, I am tired of snow days that need to be made up in the summer. Plus Gabrielle is in the middle of mid terms and she doesn't want them postponed.

Earlier I went out and took a few macro shots. I use the Tamron 90 mm, but I would really love to try the Nikon 105mm to see the difference. The Tamron seems very hard to focus and control. Plus it's very hard to hold it still, the focus changes so easily. Anyway, here are a couple

see how those crystals are hanging on to each other. I find that fascinating!

Well, that was a rather lengthy update, sorry about that! Have a wonderful day, hopefully less snowy than it's around here!


Barb said...

Congratulations, Anke!! Be sure to post that picture!

Love your LO's. Super ones. But oh my goodness. Those macro shots are fantastic. Love that crystal one. I could stare at that all day! Beautiful.

Glad you posted. I have missed you!

Jeanne said...

Congratulations on your promotion, Anke! You must be really good and I'd sure hate to have you mad at me and sneak up on me in a dark alley. LOL

Your layouts are fabulous! You sure know your way around the process of creating beauties. But those shots of the crystals are absolutely amazing. To have such talent. Wow!

Hopefully you don't get another snow day. I won't tell you how nice it's been might sneak up on me for sure then. LOL

Terry said...

congrats on the promotion!! Wouldn't want to run up against you in a dark alley!!

Those macro shots are awesome Anke!

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