Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh my!

I really thought I was going to do better with keeping up with my blog posts, but no, look at how much time has passed! Christmas is long gone, it's a new year and new beginnings...
I finally finished the last of the 365 pages for the year only to discover that most of the months ended on the left side of the pages (think of the book format), so now I will have to make filler pages for those, maybe just a full bleed photo page, don't know yet. I also didn't do a cover yet. I have a groupon for Blurb, so I think I will give them a try this time around.
This year I decided to do double spreads for the week, I really like the look so much better and there is more space for journaling. I started out with Jan 1 + 2 on one page and from then on I will go Monday through Sunday

I tell you what, it felt really great to scrap something other than those December pages after I got done with that book :) And even the 365 pages were getting old...this year I am all for simple and clean, I figure I will have an easier time sticking with it, if it's simple

Here are some other pages I did

My biggest news is that I am getting a new bathroom!!! I can't believe we finally are going for it. The guy started ripping tiles down today, the shower is gone already! It is a lot of work, all the tile is laying in concrete, but his gentleman is a hard worker! I saw this cool picture of a bathroom I just love

I love the way this shower looks (not the sink, not practical with three kids) I am excited about the project, our shower was 1926 material and nothing worked anymore. So for now we all have to use the master bathroom, yikes!

I have been working on my website a little bit, have to find decent pictures to put on there. I was taking pictures of our piano teacher the other day. She wanted some of her with her 2 St. Bernards. It was gorgeous out there, lots of snow. Of course I didn't consider the fact that it was snowing like crazy and all the photos are full of flakes. Everywhere! Lots of them! Yikes. We'll have to redo them. The photos are cute and nice, but nothing to write home about, that's for sure.

Okay, gotta run for now, hubby is calling :)


Terry said...

good to catch up with you on the blog after the holidays. You are really going to love the new bathroom. But it will be the pits managing with one until it is finished. Love your snow LO's Anke.

Barb said...

Anke! I totally understand about blogging. I mean to, I just don't. Instead I read everyone else's!!!

Love that bathroom, but be sure to consider that clear glass. I heard they are a real pain to keep clean. My friend had a big squeegee that everyone had to go over the glass every time they showered. I could never train my kids to do that!!!

Love all your LO's. You are so talented in so many arenas!!!

Jana Holden said...

That!s exactly the kind of bathroom we want when we move in a couple more years! That's awesome that you're getting one! I have heard a lot of people say that they want to simplify this year...I agree! Love your LOs always Anke! happy New Year!

Jeanne said...

Hi Anke! I'm still around, just haven't been good about commenting this past week or so. Your layouts look fabulous as always.I love the look of the daily ones. I adore the one with the picture of you and your sweet friend. You both are beautiful. Thanks for always sharing your awesome talents with us.

Congrats on getting a new bathroom, too! I hope the renovations go as smoothly as possible and are quick so you can enjoy it!

jeanne said...

oooooh, beautiful layouts, beautiful bathroom, beautiful you!!!

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