Monday, December 27, 2010

It's done!

I just finished my December Days book tonight, I am soooo glad! I am sick and tired of December Days LOL! I want to scrap something different, pretty please!!! Anyway, here is a link if you want to take a peek

Maybe now I can go back and finish my December pages for the 365 project before the new year begins. I am not even going to post the last of the pages, you can see them in the book if you want to look at them.

I can't believe Christmas is all done with. We had a good time, dinner Christmas Eve was nice. I made tongue in Madeira sauce, which was a traditional dish my Mom used to make. It came out great, it's one of my favorite things to eat. Gabby was my co-conspirator, we didn't tell anybody what it was and we were giggling when I had to remove the skin and there were bubbles all over it. Gabrielle poked them and the water came out, she had a ball. Everybody enjoyed it, plus I had a rib roast that they loved. German potato dumplings, broccoli salad and cranberry relish completed the meal. We all enjoyed it and then there were plenty of cookies. Mass was at 9.30 and then I had to drag the gifts down after everybody was in bed and get everything arranged. It was 1.30 before I hit the pillow, but it's so worth it. I always love how everything looks.

those packages were my gifts, I did not wrap them :) I wish I could spend that much time doing presents, but it usually is a rush and get it done event for me!

I got some nice clothes and a pretty Mother's ring, with my kids' birthstones. Love it! I can't believe it's all over already, I am so glad the kids are off for the rest of the week, it's so much more relaxing! Of course Gabby has swim practice all week, she did skip today and tomorrow they all have piano, so she won't be able to go again. We really need to get back to Karate, I am going to turn into a blimp if I don't start moving soon!

Well, I hope you will all have a great week and a wonderful New Year should I not post again before then!


Barb said...

Oh, Anke, it looks so beautiful!! Isn't it the best feeling to see it? To have all that? We are so, so blessed.

Glad you had such a nice Christmas. Now, though, we can get back to a normal rush of the mundane things we call everyday life.

Get scrapping, girl. I am ready for lots of LO's!

Jana Holden said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful book Anke! That's such a major accomplishment!

Joanie said...

Look how beautiful! What a joy to have these memories saved forever.

Linda said...

Just beautiful lady! You never cease to amaze me!

Have a happy, happy new year!

Heather said...

I'm so inspired to make my own now - thanks, Anke! :)

Photog business has been on hold for a year, but I'm ready to go again. Lots of life changes - new baby, passing on of father, etc....

How are you these days?

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