Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Family

No, not that one! I had my first family photo session yesterday, whew! Now I know I can do it! It was actually fun, little Allison reminded me a lot of Michael when he was little, she was all over the place, and I mean all over the place, behind the backdrop, all through the room LOL. Her little brother was the complete opposite, totally chilled and happy. We did a few good shots though and she does look like a little angel! I am still working on the pictures, but here are a couple I got finished


Isn't she a cutie? I'll have more pictures soon.

Here is another little girl, who is just a natural poser :)

We really had a great time and she is a cutie!

I was so happy to find these pieces of linoleum at a local discount store. I got two of them and they look like a barn wood floor, wonderful!!! I have a couple more girls tomorrow, maybe with parents, I'm not sure yet. Soon I should have a start to get my website ready, at least I'll have a variety of photos. A few more adults would be nice...

Well, December is here, hard to believe. Where did November go? I followed everybody at Designer Digitals and started a December Daily book. I know, I need more stuff to do, plus I already do the daily photos, but I just couldn't resist. Then I started with a blue theme and now I am thinking that I got myself scrapped into a corner. I want to be able to use those gorgeous Christmas colors....oh well, I'll figure something out, I'm sure. For today's pages I added a little bit of red, I am getting it in there slowly LOL.

Here are my December pages so far

I also got a few more weekly pages done, two more and I will be caught up...

a few more pages...

Not a whole lot, but hey, I have been busy with photos. Oh yeah, there are a couple more of Catie, Gabby's friend. She is the one who is coming back tomorrow with her little sister, we'll do some Christmas pictures :)

We were just playing around with the props, but I liked them anyway. Of course Max had to get in there too, he is such a nosy little guy.

I actually started putting my decorations up, I don't think I have ever started this early. Tonight I want to get the lights in the windows and maybe get the staircase done. I always do way too much anyway and it takes me forever! At least I will get to enjoy it all a bit longer, since I am starting so soon (well, for me). We won't get our tree until the middle of the month I believe, our neighbor is going to cut one for us. That works out okay, at least I'll have everything else done by then (I hope)

Gabby is going to sing at a local Church with her school choir tomorrow. She is not happy, they have to be there early in the afternoon and they won't sing until evening. Her whole Sunday will be gone... I am planning on going. I do want to hear them sing, I might just skip choir practice for once..they also have a display of nativities from all over (and refreshments LOL) Lots of things to take pictures of, I need to plan for my December pages :)

Oh well, back to decorating. I am really trying to get the feeling of Advent, I want to be more conscious of the days and the meaning and not get drowned in all the things that need to be done, like every other year!

I hope you all have some relaxing days!


Barb said...

Great, great pictures, Anke!! Can't wait to see more!! I am so excited for you and you are doing so well!!

Love your LO's You are really getting into the spirit!!

Be sure to document that tree decorating!!!

Jeanne said...

Fabulous work, Anke. I can feel the excitement when you talk about your new adventure and it makes me smile. Your layouts are wonderful. I continue to be awed by how many layouts you can create in such a short amount of time. I saw a few typos in the Dec 3 layout(fabulous word by itself and tabbed instead of tapped)and week 45 (cut instead of cute). That frost you got was amazing!
Keep up the great work. Thank you for all your kind words on the projects I share on my blog. I'm happy if they make others happy to look at them. I'm all over the place with crafting, aren't I? Maybe if I stuck to just scrapbooking, I'd have lots of pages done like you! *Ü*

Terry said...

such fabulous photography Anke. YOu are a pro!!!! Love your December pages.

Joanie said...

Wonderful pics! You have some very cute ones here.

I love all of your pages! You have been busy!

Jana Holden said...

Looks like you're off to a great start in your studio Anke! I'm in love with the soft blues in your Christmas LOs! Don't be surprised if I scrap lift that color scheme...

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