Thursday, November 11, 2010

Not much progress

I spent all these hours cleaning that room out and getting everything in there, only to find out that it won't work, because it's not big enough. I mean in a crunch I could make it work, but if I want to shoot kids, it's just not workable. Once I put the lights in there with the big softbox I could hardly move :) Well, that means, we have to move into the basement where I have that pool room that nobody uses but the cats. It's actually a little wider and a lot longer. The only problem is the pool table, it's an old, heavy slate table. It's a shame, we had it moved here from Philly, but nobody ever plays pool in our house anyway. So, the room is mine and I already started cleaning the basement so that people won't fall over backwards going down the steps LOL. Amazing how much junk you can accumulate through the years... So not giving up, just switching plans. The other room is still going to be awesome for natural light shots, that's what I'll use it for. I bet I'll wind up getting another backdrop stand for downstairs so that I can keep one roll upstairs. Putting up the lights was very adventurous at first, it  takes a lot of fooling around with them... I got a few nice shots of Rachel, she is such a sweet patient model!

Of course she is way too close to the backdrop, I don't like the shadow I'm getting. Oh well, hopefully with the other room that will be easier. Enough of that!

Karate testing is over and it was actually fairly easy. Master Kim was in a great mood and complimented everybody. He did not ask for additional forms and was generally happy with everybody's performance. Of course we worked really hard, Gabby almost passed out at the end. They had to escort her to an open door to get some fresh air, the poor thing. I think we did pretty well, so now we are set for another 4 years, no testing!!!! Just certification every 6 months, but you can't fail those. We'll find out in January whether we passed or not, but I don't foresee not passing. Another hurdle out of the way!

Everything else is going it's normal routine. Gabrielle wants to join the swim team, I was hesitant at first because she is already spreading herself too thin, but it might be a good thing for her to do, plus practice is right after school... we might try it and see how it goes. It would be a good way for her to meet more kids. It's hard to juggle everything at this point. We had teacher conferences today and her math teacher told us he would be more than willing to stay after school and help her out if she needs it. How very gracious! I would like her to take advantage of that and we'll have to see how we can fit that in too. HS is certainly a lot different.....

With all this cleaning and fixing rooms up and trying to learn about lighting I don't get as many pages done. Here are the few I did

I am way behind with the 365 pages again, yikes!

I talked to my brother last week, we always have these endless conversations, it feels great to talk about all these little things forever, nobody has time to talk anymore! He actually likes my pages, made me feel good!

I subscribed to Scott Kelby's NAPP again and received a DVD he made about different shoots and how he set them up. Plus the retouching of pictures etc. It's amazing how good this guy is! I learned quite a bit about different things just from the first disc. Things you can do in LR that I didn't know. Very cool!

Well, I am not making this too long, nothing exciting has happened. I always promise myself that I won't wait another week before posting again, but time just gets away from me! :)

I'll talk to you all soon!


Jeanne said...

I'm sorry the room you intended to use isn't going to work out, but it sounds like you have a great plan B. Your model is gorgeous! As are your layouts. I'm so impressed with how many you get done with all that goes on in your life. (check the word person in the not Robin Hood layout).
Good luck with the test results. You really have to wait a couple of months for results?! Wow.

Joanie said...

Anke, I had to laugh my sad laugh when you told about all the work and then not fitting in your new room. What a bummer. I've had that happen. I hope that you are successful in your new adventure. These photos are wonderful.

Barb said...

So sorry about your room not working, Anke, but look at all the cleaning you are getting done. A bonus!!!

It will all work out, just need to get all the tweaking done.

Love the pictures of Rachel!! She indeed is a great model!! She is beautiful.

Love your LO's. Left warm fuzzies on DD!

Anonymous said...

hey on our way to see little Trav leaving in the morning sorry we couldnt do lunch this week tryyyyy for next huh! call u later beautiful layouts ( of Course) God Bless jo

jeanne said...

Awesome shots you got! Love the catch lights and the lighting in general. WOW!!!

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