Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Gone!

Hurray! This morning I looked in the paper for somebody to haul stuff, found a name, called, he stopped by, looked at everything, gave me a price and came back an hour later with his brother and they hauled it all away! Wow! The pool table was taken apart and carried out and all the junk is gone. Now why did I have to wait for at least a week for my neighbor? He came by this afternoon wanting to know where all the junk was, since he was planning on taking it all out tomorrow. Sorry dude, all done! It felt good to have such prompt service. Maybe I paid a little more, but it was worth it to me to get it done! Now to clean it out a little, move a couple more things that are in there and then drag all my stuff down there, set up the lights and play! :) How fun!!! I am so excited! I hope my darling models won't tire of posing for me LOL!

Well, that was my exciting news. The weekend flew by. Hubby took us out to brunch on Sunday. We went to Harrigan's, it was awesome! They have the most amazing salads, very european tasting, I loved it! How can you not stuff yourself with that kind of food :) Of course the kids had to be silly the whole time and especially when we left. At least I got them to sit on the rail together for me to take a picture. This is the only one that's usable LOL.

and then Gabrielle thought she was Mary Poppins, slowly sliding down the banister, oh my...

I guess the full belly can make you do goofy things!

That afternoon the girls and I had to do some shopping and I snapped a couple of pictures of them. I just loved their expression

One more picture, this one was little TG, she is my second favorite subject after the kids :)

She is always so soft and cuddly!!!

Okay, let's move on to some pages. I worked on my 365 pages again, how boring, but boy, I am so behind, if I don't do a bunch of them, I'll never get caught up!

and some regular pages...

the photo in the last one was created using a Scott Kelby photoshop tutorial. Amazing how you can create water with a few strokes. I love doing stuff like that!

Well, I am going to head for the basement and swing that sweeper around, so that I can carry my gear down, finally! And then I'll get to play with lights :)


Terry said...

Anke--I just noticed your blog background. Love it. How did you do that?

The studio sounds like it is going to be heavenly.

Barb said...

I am excited right along with you!!! Can't wait till you use it and tell us how much fun it is!!!

Love the family pics. Glad you got at least a couple good ones. Guess that is what happens when you are a photographer!!!

Jana Holden said...

WTG getting all the stuff hauled away. I should do the same one of these days. I'm really excited for you too Anke! You will have so much fun and will do so well! Just imagine, your own studio, your own clients......cool, very cool!

Jeanne said...

Yay, Anke! I'm thrilled for you! Can't wait to see the magic you will create once everything is set up.

Sure looks like you all enjoyed your brunch. Thanks for sharing!

Your layouts are fabulous. Love your creative mind. (On week 40, check leave...may want to use leaf instead and some sentences don't have a period while others do.) *Ü*

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