Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's done!

My room is done,  I dragged the refrigerator out of there (inch by inch) and cleaned the whole thing out while I was at it! :) Then I carried my backdrop stand and the 4 rolls I have downstairs. The lights have been moved and I think it's actually going to work. I am happy with it. Sure, it could look a little nicer, the plaster could be redone etc. but there will be a time for that too!

The carpet came with the house and I do need that on the floor since it's cement. That will be covered with the backdrop paper anyway or whatever floor I will put down. But at least I have a little more room to maneuver now. Now I just have to get the kids together and make them wear something that works together, man this is harder than getting the room done!

Yesterday we were in Altoona for Cohen's first Birthday celebration. I brought my speed light but had taken the batteries out which of course I had left at home. No light, no flash, good thing I have my Nikon D700, I was taking pictures at ISO 6400 with f 2.8 and they were actually usable. Now, I wouldn't print them out poster size but for normal pics they are quite nice. I worked at them all morning, here are a few samples

He started playing this clapping game. He would clap and we would all clap and holler in return and he got so excited and would clap again to see what our reaction would be. It was like a flashback to when Gabby was little, we did the exact same thing with her in our friend's living room. I can't believe that was something like 14 years ago!!!! Where did the time go??? Anyway, it was really cute and I am always happy to get pictures of him, he is so cute and personable.

Did I get any pages done? Let me see, I can't even remember what I do anymore LOL.

those are the shots of the girls I took the other day, I just loved the way they turned out. That's all I did, holy Moly!!!

Well, I am taking a class on fixing photos on the side and then yesterday this awesome awesome weekend course on children's photography started. I was watching it almost all day, there is so much great information. You can watch the live course for free and then they offer it at a pre-order price through tomorrow I believe. I just went ahead and bought it, there is no way I can sit there for three days and watch videos and not miss anything. This is right up my alley! Here is a link if anybody should be interested.

Today we ran up to Panera's for lunch, look at the sweetness we had afterwards :)

The bear claw was mine!!!

A short stop at Walmart and then we went to he Mall, I took Michael for a haircut, he looks adorable! Nothing like a good cut! He was happy with it too. I can't even believe how much money we can spend in one day, it's incredible. buy a shirt here, go to lunch there, get some medicine, get an icecream.....

Now we are all home, Gabby just finished her math homework with Dad's help. Good thing he know how to do Geometry, because I sure wouldn't be much help.

Now my dryer is beeping, calling me to take the stuff out before it gets wrinkled (what a great invention btw)

Well, I better follow the call of the wild, dryer and save my clothes. Have a wonderful weekend!


Joanie said...

Great room! I can hardly wait to see your portraits. Darling photos of the baby.

Barb said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so happy for you!! It looks just wonderful. A lot of work, for sure but is going to be so worth it!! Looks like enough room for you, too! get everyone ready for the pics!! I can't wait to see them.

What great birthday pics you caught!! You would never know you forgot those batteries!!

Spend money? Isn't htat what it's for??? LOL

jeanne said...

Your photos are exquisite!!!

Terry said...

I'm green with envy!!! What a wonderful studio!!!

Love those pics of the little guy. He is just adorable.

I need to finish laundry too.

Jana Holden said...

The studio looks just awesome Anke! I think you got it all set up rather quickly, actually. WTG! Your photos & LOs always amaze me and the little guy's one would know! They're just darling!

Jeanne said...

Fantastic! I'm so happy for you to have gotten this space and worked it up so quickly. Those photos of that little guy sure are terrific. He's a cutie, for sure!

The layouts are fabulous (as usual).

All in all life is treating you wonderfully...and you deserve every bit of it!

Anonymous said...

loved the pics i wish i could stick you in my pocket and keep you for constant photo's. He is so sweet i miss him !! thanks and see you soon jo

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