Thursday, September 30, 2010


A whole week has gone by already again??? How is that even possible. I spend so much time on this dang computer, one would think that I should be able to keep up with this blog better, right?
Well, the photography course is out. I called them up and the lady literally talked me out of it. It's just a beginners course and she doesn't think I need it. Now the professional course would be a different story, but I will have to think about that. She suggested I find a hands-on class somewhere, but those are hard to come by around here. She thought that maybe I should move to New York. Yeah, right, good-bye kids and hubby, see you when the course is done LOL. I think not!
I have this nice room, it's sort of an addition with windows on three sides. I keep the birds' cages in there, it was supposed to be for the kids to play computer games etc. but they never use it at all. I was thinking I might make that into a little studio room. Does anybody have any input on that? Would that be workable? I need to learn how to use lights and all that good stuff, I have never done anything like that. My girlfriend already suggested props, like I am going to be for hire :) Would be fun though, on a very small base...we'll see what happens.
Boy, it's miserable here today, rain and more rain....symptoms of what is going to come. Yuck!

Saturday we have to go to Bellefonte for a Karate tournament that Gabrielle is competing in. Boy, I don't want to go.... then in the evening we have the Black Belt dinner, starting at 5 PM. I have no idea how I am going to make both things, that place is like two hours away. Well, she'll compete and we'll leave, that's the way it's going to be. I will not be judging or anything like that.

Yesterday she sparred with Sabomnim, that was really cool, she went right after him, no fear or anything. Of course he could have killed her, but she wasn't bad at all! How fun!

I worked on my 365 pages again, I am only a month behind LOL

Another page from the party at Britz's

then I found this old picture of Michael, how cute he was

A little introspection, I often think about that stuff...

That's the car I fell in love with, boy, if I didn't have kids, this would be it!!

no words needed :)

jumping ahead a little. Actually I made this for a submission, but they didn't want it, so I can post it now

and that's all the pages for this week. I made a couple more that I submitted, if they don't get chosen, I'll post them here in a couple of weeks.

Rachel needs to use her little rubber bands on her braces more, she simply won't do it and the dentist told me the other day that he will take the braces off in a couple of months, because we are not gaining anything and run the risk of getting marks on her teeth. She is such a lazy bum.... I have to stand with a whip behind her in almost everything she does, argh! Kids!

Well, time to put them to bed again, this seems to be the time of day for me to be posting, I need to change that....


Barb said...

Anke, keep looking for a class. They are around. Check out the college in your area. Also, head to the library for books on starting your own home photography studio. I looked online and there are a bunch. Just keep pursuing!!

Hope you make all you connections so you can get to the dinner, and wishing Gabrielle the best on the competition!

Jeanne said...

I've no doubt that when you want something, you get it somehow, someway. I'm sure you'll be able to find a suitable class! And I think making yourself a little studio is a great idea! Go for it!

Your layouts are wonderful. Just wonderful. In the "nevers" one, just add a space between I and would. (wink) I'm in awe of your productivity!

Good luck with the competition and the dinner afterward!

Anonymous said...

love love that pic of michael he is so cute hard to believe he is eleven!!!!! call me this week before baby #2 is here!!!!!!!! then the fun of running to maryland starts and watching co on wed lets do lunch mon or tues call jo

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