Saturday, September 18, 2010

It was great

The chat I mean, I think I pulled it off okay. I can't believe it's been a whole week already again, where does the time go? I hope people liked what I had to say, the hour went by so fast, I couldn't even get all the information out there. I did post all my links in the forums though, although it was very minimalistic. At least the inspiration pieces are there....
The rest of the week is a blur again... Sunday was Gabrielle's birthday and she wanted to go to Red Lobster for dinner. Seems like they all like it there (except for Michael) Our friends from Altoona came over and joined us and so did her friend. We brought a cake I had bought and the servers were very sweet, putting the candles on and singing to her. The candles were trick ones and kept re-igniting. The poor girl kept blowing and blowing and laughing. We had such a great time with that. I didn't do any pages about that day yet, but I will. Marc had the girls in stitches the whole time, he can be really funny! She was happy with her presents, especially the Ipod she had wanted for so long. The MP3 players I had given them before just weren't up to par at all...

The rest of the week just flew by with all the usual stuff, Karate, piano, school, homework etc. Nothing much exciting. It has gotten really chilly out there, the leaves are turning and I am dreading the cold weather.

The slow leak in the pool still hasn't been fixed, the whole in the deck is still there, so I can't really close the pool yet either. He called last week telling me they would be there Tuesday and Wednesday. Guess what! It's Saturday and I haven't seen anybody. He told me he wanted us to enjoy the nice weather, because he would have to drain the water down to the repair area, that's why he hadn't been around. I mean, does he think I am an idiot??? He must! Never again....

Gabby is making some new friends at school, I am so glad for her. One girl lives very close by and she has been over a couple of times. She is very preppy, not at all what Gabby is used to, we'll see how that will work out. It makes me laugh, she is kind of funny and cute, but really not like Gabby at all. More like Rachel. She needs some different influences in her life though, it will be good for her. Plus she has somebody in the neighborhood to hang with. Of course there is lots of homework all the time, Math is Geometry now, which is giving her frustrated moments. She liked Algebra, but that's the way it goes. Rachel is doing okay, Michael seems to be doing better this year so far too. Gotta crank out that whip!

Wednesday I went to Bedford to meet up with an online friend. Some of you know her as Whatnext (Phylis) She was taking a mini vacation at a B&B there and we hung out for a few hours. We took a nice stroll through town, I had no idea this place was so cute, gorgeous buildings around there. Then we sat on the porch of the house and chatted. She was a lot of fun to be with, very well read and I found we think alike about a lot of things! I hope to meet her again real soon. I already used some of the pictures from that day and made them into pages, so you can see her too

we were walking around and took a bunch of pictures of the beautiful homes

I saw this cute bench in the front yard of the B&B and just had to take a picture of it

Then we go back to the Britz's house from the weekend before :) 

and another picture of that sweet baby :)

these pictures were taken yesterday with my 90 mm macro lens. I really wanted to catch the pollen on that bee, I didn't even notice it until I used that macro lens and got close enough. I was really thrilled with the shots!

Gabrielle showed me the webpage of this local photographer the other day. He takes a lot of the senior pictures for the Highschool. Man, is he good, I am so jealous! Let me see if I can find a link, that is the kind of stuff I want to do, to be good like that and have that kind of dream! Okay, found it, here is the link. Look at the light.... swoon! He has a blog too, it's really worth looking at if you like photography. I will get some pointers to use for Gabby's pics when the time comes. I do plan on doing them myself (somehow :)) I need to practice a lot... I would love to have a little studio with lights and all that good stuff, I really need to read more about it. Oh well, one can dream, right? I got this info from a photography school in NewYork. They have online classes, I might just take one, just for the fun of it!

Well guys, I guess that is it for today. We are going to head for Monroeville today, just to the mall there. They have an awesome bookstore and a Chico's :)

Talk to you all soon!

ETA: I fixed the link to STeveRays photography. Thanks Barb!


Barb said...

What? A rather "calm" week at Anke's??? Can it be???

BTW how is Michael's finger? Did it finally heal OK? I had kept forgetting to ask!

Love all your LO's and Phyllis sure looks like a wonderfully sweet person!!

On thing, at least for me, when I use your link to go to the photography site it takes me to your DD LO of your bee.

You surely need to pursue your photography dream. You are already beyond excellent. And now is the time to be learning it and setting it all up so as the kids grow you will still have your career. Take time for you. You are as important as your family. And if you are being fed and fulfilled, you will be even better than you already are for your family. Do it, girl.

Jeanne said...

I have to echo Barb's advice! Start working towards your dream now, it's not too late. You are amazingly talented!

Your layouts are awesome, every single one of them. How lucky were you to catch the bee with pollen. Wow!

I, too have wondered, but kept forgetting to ask about Michael's finger. Hope it's 100% now!

Jana Holden said...

I always enjoy keeping up with you on your blog Anke! Your LOs are beautiful & so is your photography! I was so sorry I had to miss your chat hour. I'm glad you posted some info in the forum. I'll have to go check it out.

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