Friday, September 10, 2010

Don't forget

Not only is tomorrow a day we all should never forget and keep in our hearts forever, but it's also the day of the DD chats and I am on at 9AM!!!! (I know I shouldn't have mentioned those two things in one sentence, but it just came out like that) I'll have a cute little freebie to give away, I think you'll like it! I did a lot of writing and have a lot of links to share, so stop by!

I can't believe last weekend was Labor Day already, I guess summer is really over now, yuck! I am so not ready to give up on the warmth and sun. I was just watching this little robin in our yard today. He was just hatched a few weeks ago, I made that page about him. Today I saw him partially out of the nest and tried to take a picture, which scared him so much, he jumped out of the nest. I guess he was supposed to get out anyway, Mom was waiting for him with grub. :) Anyway, my thought was that it was kind of late for a robin to lay eggs now with winter coming and all... I hope he'll be okay.

Our pool is finally nice and clean and of course way too cold to be using it now, typical. I know I will never ever use our dear neighbor for any work around here ever again. Is that said strong enough? I am so ticked off it's not even funny. We still have an open deck where the leak is and he hasn't been back for over a month. I know of a few choice words I could use for him.... happy thoughts!

Last Monday we went to Hollidaysburg to see our friends' newly adopted kids. Four of them to be precise, all under the age of 13. What a great crew, they seemed perfectly at ease, calling them Mom and Dad and fitting right in with them. We all pitched in and bought them a laptop to share. Boy, I can't even imagine how big an adjustment that has to be for everybody, good thing they have a big house :)
Here they are, don't they make a great family, they look like they belong together anyway

We had a good time, there was lots of food and great companionship. The kids got to use their pool, because they have a heater that actually works (ours doesn't, different problem), so they had a good time. Rachel couldn't believe the big cornfield behind their house, she was right away thinking about scary movies and scarecrows coming out to get you or something to that extend. I can't believe their Dad let's them watch scary movies like that when I am not around.....:)

Life is a blur as usual. Gabrielle likes Highschool so far, it's challenging, but she tries hard. She got a 92 on her first spanish test, so she was thrilled, it didn't come easy... I think I just might study it with her, with my background in italian, it shouldn't be too hard.

Saturday was our first Bootcamp Karate lesson. Sabomnim holds these special classes for people who will be testing in November and they are very intense. They are perfect if you like to get yelled at for two hours. I had trouble walking up and down the steps the rest of the day. They are worth it though, I always learn so much! We will be skipping tomorrow (and he will be mad) because there is an annual Arts and Crafts thingy that we never miss. It's the only one I really like and I plan to take lots of pictures. It's called Mountain Craft Days and they have people demonstrate their crafts, like loghouse building, pottering (sp?), butter churning and all kinds of other stuff. I love it! I am not going to miss that so I can get yelled at LOL. Plus tomorrow are the chats too, I want to be able to attend as many as I can.

Okay, let's get to the pages :)
I finally did another 365 page, so much to catch up on....

Here is the robin page I was talking about earlier

A little Michael conversation :)
Being the photographer all the time, the girls caught me by surprise. Those dang cell phones :)

Look at that little sweetheart. That picture was taken at the party too. I have a bunch more of him
No explanation needed

That was at the party, see the cornfield behind them? :)
click here

Rachel took this photo with her cell phone. She has it all figured out, if she gets enough light, she blows out her features and gets this cool look. I should try that, get rid of the wrinkles that way :)
Find it here

There is lots of new stuff coming to the store this weekend and the whole store is 30 % off, so don't miss out. I wouldn't advertise if I didn't really love the stuff :)

You can look at all my pages in my gallery if you are so inclined. 

I got my hair done today, nice red highlights and taken an inch off the back. I like it!
The girls went to a HS football game tonight, I hope they won't freeze their behinds off, it's really pretty chilly out there. Should be fun for them though. Gabby's friend is with them too. Well, I better get moving, don't forget about tomorrow!


Tammy said...

I love looking at your scrapbook pages because there is such a great mix of styles. You don't only do the minimalistic, white space stuff, but you find a way to tastefully add more photos and get the stories told, too. I need to schedule more time in my routine to actually scrap ... I tend to blog more!

Jeanne said...

Absolutely fabulous, Anke! All of your layouts are just wonderful! Your style is uniquely you!

You may have left off the word phone in the first layout you shared. You know I have to do this now, right? LOL

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy that crafts show and your time at DD!

Barb said...

Advice, Anke., Never have friends or family do any work for you!! Right? It just doesn't pay off. Just causes bad feelings. Hope you can work this out!!

Sounds like another busy week on your homefront. But let me tell you, you sure will miss it when they are gone. But now...after all these years, I don't know how we did all that stuff!! LOL

Love your LO's, as always!! They are beautiful and creative all rolled into one!!

Enjoy your craft festival and will be looking for lots of LO's!!

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