Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back in school

Yes, school started again on Monday and of course it is sweltering hot every single day and there is no air conditioning in the school, except for the computer lab. The grade schoolers don't have to wear their uniform all week because of it, which of course makes them happy!
Gabrielle is getting the hang of the freshman thing, she got a little lost the first day, but I think she likes all the new stuff and the excitement of being in a different school with a lot of different kids. The homeroom thing is new to her, but she loves her homeroom teacher, she thinks he is funny. She is starting spanish this year, I should be able to help her some with that. Math is going to be challenging, they have Mr. D, who is notorious for speed teaching and you better be able to keep up! That her only non-honors class and I think that is a good thing. Lots of excitement there.
Rachel is in 8th grade this year and I think she is liking the fact that her older sister is not there and she won't be compared to her as much. She thinks her teacher likes her, which is a big step in the right direction. She really needs to buckle down this year, her grades will determine her placement in HS next year.
Yesterday was totally crazy. WE moved piano lessons to Tuesdays, so we would have Fridays off. That means my lesson is at 12.15, then I have to rush and pick the two up at 2.25, run down to get Gabby and run to piano for their lessons at 2.45. How fun that was. While they took their lessons I ran to my PT MD and got a shot in my elbow. I could hardly use my right arm, it was so sore. Nothing special, just tennis elbow, but I need my arm! The shot was fun but it feels a lot better today, not perfect, but better! After piano we had to rush home, make dinner and run up to Karate at 6. Didn't get home til after 9. Lovely day! Today is better, nothing scheduled other than Karate in the evening, deep breath, oooohm!
This past Saturday I went to a baby shower at my friend's house. She did such a wonderful wonderful job setting it up. Her SIL did decorations, they were out of this world cute. Let me see if I can get some photos ready.....

Look at this, all made out of blankets and who knows what. And that cute giraffe on top... I love it!
The wreath is made out of diapers and then she pinned all those cute little socks and things to it! Who would ever think of making something like that?

My friend put this little box together, she is amazing! She also makes the most beautiful gift bags and baskets! I swear they should go into business together!

I finally got to meet her grandson who is almost walking by now. I told her it was great to get to meet him before he starts school. He is sooooo adorable and I got so many wonderful photos of him, that was the greatest fun photo shoot!

At first he was the perfect sleeping angel.....

then he opened his eyes....

I mean, how can you resist that face and those eyes :) So I had a great time, I stopped at Sam's before heading home and it was relaxing without the rest of the gang being there to bug me!

Rachel's birthday was quiet. I cancelled the party because of bad behavior but she was allowed to pick a restaurant and we went out to Red Lobster. Too much food, but it's always good. I ate the leftovers for days. She was happy with her birthday though, especially her Ipod Nano. She wanted one of those for a long time! We got her some T-shirts and other little things that she loved, so all was good! Here is the page I made for that occasion

I took this photo while we were waiting outside the restaurant, it was really sunny

and some other random pages....

I didn't get too much done, these last few days I was working on a book about Myrtle Beach. I received a coupon from Shutterfly for a free book, so I had to take advantage of it. I just used the pages I had already done and put them together so they would match by color somewhat. I still had to make the cover and back and save every page and took a while. I also fixed all the baby pictures and saved them to a CD. Now I need to start my 365 pages again, I am woefully behind with them! And, last but not least, I need to get my material for the chat together, double yikes! You better all be there to support me that morning or else! :)

Okay, time to head up and take a shower and get this day started! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

that pic of cohen is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see the rest did u get an invite to beths mon to meet the fosters new ones??? call me jo

Barb said...

Applause. Aplause! Not that Rachel didn't get her party but how refreshing to see that a parent says something and means it, and that there are repercussions for unacceptable behavior. Ah!! Faith restored in parenthood!! LOL Glad, though, she still had a nice birthday!!

I am so glad you know how to breathe and move at the same time!!! Whew!! What a schedule you keep. I know we used to keep that kind with our three kids but golly, you soon forget how you did it!! Organization. All in the organization1! And you still scrapped!! Great LO's Already left comments on most in DD. Will still get to the others. Still behind because of crashed computer. I was getting the scrapping withdrawal shakes so I put that before the gallery for a couple days!!! LOL Have a great three day weekend!!! Take a well deserved break!

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