Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photo shoot

Gabby and I had the best time the other day. I probably mentioned this before but a friend had asked me to take her daughter's senior pictures and since I don't have the slightest clue we went out to practice a little bit. Awkward to say the least! I didn't really know what to tell her in regard to poses, but I just tried some stuff. Here are some results. I have the photos ready, since I had to fix them for her Facebook account. She has already used several for her avatar... makes me proud

Now Rachel wants me to take her pictures too! Who knows, maybe I'll become a photographer some day. In fact I might sign up for an online class by the New York Institute of Photography. Sounds interesting. I really want to get good at this, it's still a lot of hit and miss and photoshop work. It might be that way for most people but I would love to be able to take a picture just with the settings and have it look good.

I already made some pages using these pictures

I did a couple of 365 pages I don't think I posted before. I really need to do some serious catching up with those....

The other day I got these shots of TG, she is so adorable and sweet! She is always affectionate, rubbing up against me, wanting to be petted. Love that cat!

and then I went back to scrapping some pictures from Bedford again. Gotta love Photoshop, the spot healing brush tool is simply amazing! There were these heavy cables all over my photos and I got them out with no problem at all! What a cute little town, they really should bury all their utility cables, they are very disturbing when you take pictures!

A couple more pages from the beach, they are already in the book I had printed (which btw. turned out pretty nice, although I only used pages I had already done and tried to match them as best as I could)

This coming Monday is a big day. First off, it's Michael's 11th birthday and of course he is all excited. We will have his birthday party on Sunday, we had planned Saturday but it's our day for Karate bootcamp and he'll get really ticked if we don't show up again!

But the Big Day is Our Silver Anniversary!!!!!

How can that be??? I thought that happened only to our parents! Well, I suppose our kids won't be throwing us a party, so we'll have to figure something out, maybe go out to dinner (again....) I can't even believe we have been married for 25 years, yikes!!! We must be doing something right LOL.

It has warmed up again and I am loving it! These early spring days were the pits, way too cold for my taste. I dread winter with every fiber of my being! Gabrielle has the chance to join the ski club, that might be something fun for her, at least something to do in the winter!

She didn't do too good on her last geometry test. It's going to take her some time to get used to. She was really good with Algebra, this is so different...argh! I feel so bad for her, I know it's not for lack of trying. She spent hours doing her math homework yesterday (turns out she did today's homework too LOL)

Okay, time to put the kids to bed, it's way too late already again!!!


Barb said...

Anke, I am so serious about this. Take some classes...real time classes on photography and get your career going. Please. What do I need to say to convince you to get going on this?

What great pics of Gabby!! So good Rachel needs some now, too, heh? LOL

Congratulations on your 25th anniversary!! Great milestone!

latz said...

Your pictures turned out great!

Jeanne said...

If you want to learn more, then you've got to take those classes you are talking about! You are really good! The pictures are terrific as are your always wonderful layouts.

On the last layout (I'm giggling because I know what you are gonna say...) expand might need to be changed to expanse...

Have a wonderful weekend, and HAPPY 25th! That is a fantastic milestone! You definitely are doing something right! And I hope you celebrate in style.

Joanie said...

Anke, I will tell you again how awesome these photos are. You did an amazing job.
AND... congrats on 25 years!

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