Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No new bathroom :(

I had finally decided to do something about our bathroom. Our house was built in 1926 and it shows. I mean everything is solid and wonderful but the bathrooms.... green tile all over with little bits of pink in the floor and a border that would look great out West. The shower looks like a carwash with 3 sprays on each side. Of course there was never enough water pressure to get water from the top and the sides so I had the sides plugged off years ago. Well guess what, now they are leaking like crazy, my water goes hot and cold while I am in there, there is mold I can't get rid off and it's just plain ugly! So I had a guy come in yesterday and take a look. I almost fell over when he told me just to gut everything would probably be around 20 k! It's the way things were built back then, the tile sits on 4 inches of concrete with metal lath sheets imbedded in it. So they would have to jackhammer all that out a little bit at a time. Then to rebuild everything would be another 10k. That is just plain ridiculous! I am not getting into that kind of expense for a stupid secondary bathroom. I'll see if somebody can fix the darn shower, slap some paint on the walls, new toilet and sink and stuff and that will be it. Maybe I could regrout like one lady at DD recommended, at least the floor. Oh well, that's the end of that dream. I had visions of steam showers, nice new cabinetry etc... and then I was going to redo the kitchen LOL. I was so upset last night, I did this page

It would be nice to find somebody to fix up the tub and make it look new again too and get a new shower door. Okay, I have not given up completely yet. I am going to ask my friend for some input :) (are you reading this?)
Here are some other pages, not a whole lot, the weekend was really busy

Oh I guess, this is it, I already posted the rest :)

Saturday was a big day. I was supposed to have a chat during the all day chat event at Designer  Digitals but then we found out that Michael was getting promoted to Black Belt in Karate that day at the exact same time, so I had to cancel my slot. I was at Karate all day anyway, helping out with testing starting at 10 AM. I had to control 3 different groups, so I was glad I was there. I was the experienced person, cracks me up :)
Anyway, Michael was soooo proud. He was the first one to be called up and they read his certificate out loud for everybody. He looked so darn cute, the smallest guy among all those big people.

those are our teachers, Father and Son Goss and they were fooling around with him, here is one more serious

I kind of like the top one myself, he was having a good time.

Phil had bloodwork done yesterday and everything came back fine. He was really worried about it, but all the levels are great, including his PSA! I felt like throwing a party. Today was his follow-up appointment with the cardiologist and that went well also, things are good for now. He will start jogging again, he had kind of slacked off for a couple of weeks here, not good.

The girls came home yesterday all bummed out. They had try outs for the spring play at school and they didn't get the roles they wanted. Again they will be in the background singing in a group with 6-graders. There were lots of tears flowing, especially since they found the auditions to have been done unfairly. Supposedly they had to sing a song they had never heard and the girl who got the main role sang a song from her Ipod. That really does not sound right to me, but I guess they might as well learn now, that life will never be fair. They were not the only ones upset either, there were quite a few girls crying. I guess that happens every time they do these things, I wish they wouldn't even get into them. Now it's going to be weeks of practice after school and for what? Actually the way I felt yesterday, I wanted to go and rip her head off. Rachel told me that she even asked her if she wanted that role and that she might get it. Now why would she do that to the girl? Don't say anything you fool! I can't stand it when they hurt my kids! Argh, I guess that too shall pass!

Well, I better go and practice my piano piece, lesson today!


Joanie said...

Since you have this antiquated bathroom I think you should contact one of those HGTV shows and see what they would do for you. It sounds just like some I've watched. Otherwise, fix the leaks, slap on some paint and call it good!

latz said...

Bummer about the bathroom dreams. Congrats to Michael and Phil! We too had dashed dreams and a few tears over the weekend. My daughter competed in a solo dance competition at a national level--first time ever. I was so proud of her for getting up on stage in front of all those judges and audience and she did very well. Just not good enough to place.

Terry said...

bummer about the bathroom Anke. They are so expensive to remodel. Hope you come up with some alternative plan. Congrats to your son and wonderful news about Phil.

Monique1971 said...

I'm happy your hubby is okay and great story of Michael. I can imagine he is so proud! What a shame of your bathroom dream, but when you don't have anything to dream about it isn't fun either. You never know maybe you are lucky and someone can fix your bathroom a bit cheaper. I will cross my fingers for you!

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