Monday, February 15, 2010

We got it and more

seems like we are drowning in snow, I am so sick of it. Today it's supposed to start again, but this time "only" 4 - 8 inches. Lucky us! Moving to Florida sounds more and more appealing!
I just learned a cool shortcut the other day, really simple but effective for CS4. My canvas always gets really large after  I add more layers and instead of having to go and click on Fit Canvas size just press cmd/0, it will do the same thing. I just love that little step, I use it all the time! Just thought I'd throw that in :)
We have a few new challenges going on at Designer Digitals, the latest one is from Debbie Hodge and it's about using embellishments in a different way, as a symbol for something else. I did this page as an example

It's a little over the top, but you get the idea :)
Yesterday I finally did a 365 page again, first the week before that

new month, new background color :)

only one week behind now, not too bad.
Here are some other pages I did since the last time

this one was done in 10 minutes. The challenge was to create a page in 30 minutes, but I had to help Gabrielle shovel snow and when I came back, that's all the time I had left. It's really simple, but blending the photo into the background gave it a neat effect I think

Phil had his checkup last Tuesday, Stress Test and Echo, everything was fine! Thank Goodness. I was really nervous about the whole thing. Now tomorrow he is going for some bloodwork. I feel like I can exhale now!
Usually this time of the year we head out to Cancun and get away from the snow. Actually we would be coming back already. With Phil's tests coming up I had been postponing everything and now I was thinking that maybe we shouldn't go this year and instead use the money to remodel our bathroom. It's from 1926 and falling apart! I can't stand that bathroom! Then maybe in the summer we could go to a beach in the States, like Outer Banks or something like that! I like that idea. And then the kitchen next! I have big plans LOL.
Michael is going to have his promotion to Black Belt on Saturday, he can't wait. The girls have a formal that same night. It has been postponed from last weekend because of the weather. They both have cute dresses. Why does everything have to be on the same day I wonder. It always works out that way, doesn't it?
I am still taking pictures every day and posting them to Flickr. Here are a few

it reminds me of Edward in the sun :)

In the waiting room at Phil's appointment. What else is there to do :)
Well, it's time to go and pay the bills or I won't get anything done today :)


Joanie said...

I love your *Edward in the sun* photo!
Help me with the embellishment as a symbol for something else. I'm lost (but I also got up very dizzy this morning!)

Joanie said...

Oh, yeah... so sorry that El Nino is dumping snow on you this winter. El Nino is our friend- sending most of the storms to the south and missing us.

latz said...

Lots of snow for me too. We've started planning for a big famliy trip this summer to California (it's a good distraction right now). Glad Phil's test are good. Yep life is busy but wonderful isn't it

Jeanne said...

You have been very busy, my friend, creating gorgeous layouts! Wow! You are truly amazing. I love each of them.

You might want to check the journaling on the layout with the tomato before you print...there is an extra y in there. *Ü* (hope you don't mind me pointing that out).

Heather said...

I hope to embark on a 365 project at least once in my life and complete it. Real life just keeps happening and I don't seem to juggle it and the camera that well. I guess I don't multitask too well, eh?

I really do enjoy seeing those layouts, my friend!

And sad to see Pixel Canvas go....

Never say Never!

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