Friday, February 19, 2010

Still winter

It's the never-ending supply of snow around here. It seems to be snowing continuously, and that is not even a joke! It cracks me up when I read about friends putting seeds in the ground because they are lucky enough to be living in sunny California, blah.... Some day this will have to end, but for now I believe they are calling for more snow on Monday. At this rate the kids will be in school all summer :)

The Formal that was postponed to this Saturday has been moved again, so I just have to take care of Michael's BB promotion and help out during testing. They have a photographer for the promotion and I might just call him and ask him to look over my camera. I think I really get too much noise with higher ISO and I need my ISO high even during daylight. I feel like such a dummy with this stuff, it shouldn't be this hard. Do I need a 400 ISO in the house during the day? I use Noiseware on almost all my pictures anymore. What a godsend this program is!

I was looking through my ScrapbooksEtc. magazine the other day and they had this little tutorial on how to use a halfone filter on your page and of course I had to try it out. I really like the effect.

All you do is duplicate your photo to work on, go to Filter/Pixelate/color halftone.This will ad a layer over your photo and you can then use a layer mask to erase all the parts you don't want with a soft brush. I just left it on his hair, the toy and around the edges I believe. I hope you can see it on here. There was more to the tutorial, but that's all I used from it. Pretty clever though.

Here are some more pages

A lot of Michael these days, but he hadn't been in a lot of pages lately. He was so cute sleeping with his toy last night, he is always camping out on our floor, it's making him feel safer for some reason and I sure don't mind. I hate seeing them all grow up so fast, I love keeping him around and innocent and sweet and little for a while longer :)

PixelCanvas is no more, Vinnie decided she didn't want to run a store anymore, she just wants to design. She is selling at 2Peas now, but I don't really go there. So now I am just hanging at Designer Digitals and that is really fine with me. There is so much to be done, keeping up with the gallery and everything else, I always felt I didn't put in enough time at PC anyway. So it works out okay in the end. I really did appreciate Vinnie giving me a chance when I first started out, she was always wonderful to work for. I hope she keeps selling lots and lots of stuff, she is a fine designer!

Debbie Hodge's class on Building Pages is still going on and she also has a new sketch bundle you can grab. They are really amazing and you can post your pages in the sketch gallery. Actually the sketches also come as PSD templates, so they are even easier to use and they are really intricate and detailed. I love them.

Nothing new and exciting has happened around here. Every day is the same as the day before. I got some numbers to call about getting the bathroom redone, so that might give us some excitement :)
I hope you all have a wonderful day and if I haven't been to your blog lately, please forgive me, I will make up for it! Time seems to fly.....


Jeanne said...

Still winter means more time for you to do your creating, right? And what wonderful creations you've shared! The look on Michael's face playing his game is SO intense! Love it! The effect on the layout is awesome too.

Your layouts are always so interesting and full of neat details. I really enjoy looking over each one.

In your giving one, with the roses, I did notice a typo you might want to fix before you print it off. The word think has a few extra letters. Hope you don't mind my pointing it out, but I would be bummed if I printed it and found it after the fact.

Keep on creating, Anke! You are truly talented!!

latz said...

I'm still enjoying (hehe) winter too in Minnesota. Love all your layouts and glad to see Michael lots this time (not that the girls aren't so beautiful. Those boys are not as easy to capture--but you've done wonderfully.

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