Thursday, February 4, 2010

Are we going to get it?

The nasty cold front, that is! They are calling for some really nasty weather this coming weekend. Of course the girls are supposed to go to a formal Saturday night, I hope it won't get cancelled. They are really looking forward to it and we even bought new dresses. It's not a boy/girl thing, they are just going with their girlfriends. Neither of them is into boys yet, thank goodness (at least that I know of). Let's keep our fingers crossed.
These last few days have flown by again, it seems that the days just blend into each other. I had a dentist appointment and need a crown, yuck. That's money I would have rather spent on a new lens :)
I had the chimney cleaned, they were here less than 1/2 hour and it cost 169$. Is that absurd or what? Geez oh man, the money just keeps flying out of the window.
I have been talking to this guy at Nikon about my camera and he made me do a few more pics with the same settings. Seems that my D40 kept upping the shutter speed without my noticing, that's how the picture was so much lighter. I didn't see too much of a difference in the new shots. I don't know anymore, maybe it's just me after all. I still would like for somebody to just check it out for me.
Here is my picture for today

I found this lonely ball after the snow melted, it seems to be waiting for the dog to come back out and play.
Here is yesterday's
I cooked this BokChoy with a little sesame oil, it was really good and fast.
I have been taking a photo every day so far, posting at the Flickr Group to keep me honest :) They are not necessarily pictures for my 365 pages, just pics for practice. There is so much to learn. I was just reading my Nikon book again today and I actually understood a little more. Reading about exposure now. Learn, learn, learn....

Isn't this one cool? It's my candle on the radiator...

I just made this page today. Actually it was the cover for the book I am putting together for Gabrielle, I just altered it a little to make it into a page for myself. The book is at ArtsCow. I have never used them before, but have those coupons for free books, so I thought I would give them a try. Today the site was not cooperating, I had to finish the cover etc and could not get it to work. Don't know why because I had no trouble doing the pages the other day. I'll try to finish it tomorrow.
I did another page, but it was for a challenge that's not due til next week, so I can't put it out yet.
I used the pictures from Sunday though and made this page

I used the block design from Debbie Hodge's class, which is really good by the way! She is such an awesome teacher! Of course I am already behind with the lessons. I couldn't print yesterday's lesson, because I was out of ink. By the time I got back, it was to late to start. Today was wasted trying to finish that book, which didn't work out. There is always tomorrow.
On the 20th there is going to be an all day chat at Designer Digitals. Make sure to stop by, I am doing one hour this time, it's going to be on brushes and there is going to be a nice freebie (there are freebies for every hour that day) Should be fun, I can't believe I volunteered for this, yikes!
Well, the movie and hubby are yelling for me.....


Jeanne said...

Oooh, looks like you are changing up your blog a bit. Nice!

I hope you don't get that massive storm you mentioned. Although that would mean you have to stay at home and create, which might be a fun trade-off, right? Except the girls would be sorely disappointed! Stay safe and warm.

LOVE your pictures and your layouts. I think your pictures always look fine, but then, I'm not big into improving my photography at this time. I still don't understand all the terms and gadgets needed to make them better. You've definitely got a creative eye for taking wonderful pictures.

I have to say I really, really enjoyed the second layout because I learned a bit more about you and your heritage. What an awesome way to spend an afternoon. The place settings look gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing!

Heather said...

I'm interested to hear how you like ArtsCow, as I'm constantly bombarded with coupons from their site. :)

Your stirfry looks delicious! We're a stirfry crazy home - at least three to four times a week we have stirfry. Go figure, since my hubby is Chinese and I adore Chinese food. We cook with peanut oil - higher smoke point, so it enables the cook to impart wok flavor. Then we add a few drops of sesame oil at the end for flavor enhancement.

Monique1971 said...

Hi Anke, wow your blog has changed. I like it!! Looks very good. I hope I will meet you in the chat. I love the quarterly sales and the chats.

It will be fun that you will lead a chat now.

Have a great weekend!

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