Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We made it...

February is gone, yeah!!! Not that the weather cares, but it will have to get better soon out there. I haven't seen green grass in a long time!!! Today it was actually above freezing and some of the snow out there melted. It better not happen too fast, the water wouldn't know where to go. I had a delivery of pellets today and I was really worried about where the guy would put his truck. Thanks goodness I had just picked up the kids, so they could all help carry bags and we were done in no time, without having to inconvenience anybody driving by. I heard we had 63 inches just in February!
The other day Gabrielle almost killed poor little Sammy (lovebird) He tried to fly out of the room and she saw the cats out there and tried to shut the door, with him being stuck in it (well, not totally) He still looks stunned but I think he is a little better. He must have pain, he just sits in his cage and doesn't want to come out. I really hope he'll make it, I love that little bugger. He gives me kisses and is just a sweetie. Of course she was really upset, but accidents happen.
Yesterday we went to the pet store and noticed that her kittens didn't have sharp nails and she told us that she clips them with nail clippers. I never heard of anything like that, but we tried it on TG and Sweetie, since they don't leave the house. It was really easy and makes such a difference when playing with them. No more scratches! Not that they ever scratched on purpose but still. Poor TG was trying to play with the string on my jacket and couldn't catch it without her sharp claws, it was kind of funny to watch. I would never do it on a cat that goes outside, they wouldn't be able to defend themselves.
Debbie's class is almost over, or better yet, I think it is over, I believe we just got the last lesson. It was really an interesting class, I enjoyed it!
Here is the page I did today
it was done with the sketch for the lesson, I just changed it up a little.
Here are some other pages I did

I really like the ice one. WE drive by it on out way home from piano lessons. These people have some light fixture in their yard, then they put up a ladder and a hose with a low spray. Over the course of the winter the ice gets bigger and bigger and at night it glows. It's really pretty cool!
Here is the latest 365 page also

that's pretty much it for the week I think. I can't believe I didn't do more. I ordered some 3-ring scrapbooks and page protectors. I got the 8x8 for the kids' albums and I just ordered a 12x12 for the family one. Now I am uploading all my pages to Persnickety to be printed. It will be so nice to have them all in albums to look at :)
Okay, I have to run, they want me to watch a movie with them.


latz said...

Lovely layouts Anke. March always brings a mixed bag of weather for us too here in MN--almost warm enough to go without a coat to a few last snow storms. With the large amount of snow they are predicting some flooding already. No fears for me since I live on top of a bluff, but it will affect some of the places we drive as the nearest river crossing will be closed.

Jeanne said...

63 inches of snow in one month? Oh my heavens! No wonder you are glad to be rid of February! Glad you survived all that!

Your layouts are all so wonderful. I just love pulling each one up and taking them in. That ice sculpture one is stunning. What a wonderful idea your neighbors have and you are smart to take a photo of it. It surely must be fun to watch it grow and change over the season.

On the one where Michael gets his diploma there's one typo, I think. You wrote, you've been waiting for this day for month now.

Keep up the awesome work. After seeing what you've created I always feel inspired. I want to start digi scrapping again, but then I get distracted! LOL Thanks for sharing!

Terry said...

63 inches of snow!! My gosh! How did you survive? Love your LO's and hope the bird is ok.

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